Features Only Matter If They Get Used

PMWeb’s feature list is clearly unrivaled in breadth and depth. What is most remarkable, though, is how easy those features are to use.

It starts with having a single sign-on. Users across your enterprise point to one application instead of a conglomeration of single use programs. When they log in they are greeted by an Outlook style interface with loads of comfort features: drag & drop, spreadsheet data entry with user-specific customization, universal drill-down, Google map integration, multi-language support, automatic email notifications with hyperlinks and much more. Implementation is fast and easy. User adoption is 100%. Collaboration is easy and measurable. Productivity goes up. You look great.

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Engineering Forms
Cost Management
Asset Management
Visual Workflow
Document Management
Custom Forms
Integration Manager


Top-down Planning Saves Time and Money

Faced with a list of project opportunities but no good way of prioritizing them or even figuring out which ones you can afford or make a profit on? Have a pool of Funding but no plan for how to spend it? PMWeb's revolutionary Portfolio Planning feature gives you the tools you need to create a plan, automatically generate the records you need to execute it, carefully monitor each project and, perhaps most importantly, learn from your experience because all of this is done within a single platform.


  • Plan across any range of years with annual cost/income breakdowns
  • Conceptual and detailed estimating with drag & drop
  • Generate Project, Funding, Budget, Estimate, Schedule and Commitment records with a click
  • Type in the plan spreadsheet and/or link to detailed initiatives
  • Risk analysis with graphing
  • Collaborate with PMWeb Visual Workflow
  • Unfunded initiatives can be automatically rolled over to the next plan
  • User-definable estimating Items, Formulas and Assemblies
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration
  • Online Procurement

Engineering Forms

Take Control of Your Documents

All of the documents you need to manage your projects in a revolutionary Web design. Drag and drop to Daily Reports and Punch Lists; create Rich text Format Correspondence without leaving PMWeb; link multiple records together for quick reference; paste from MS Word without losing formatting; assign documents to users’ calendars; merge to MS Word, Excel…


  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Drawing Lists
  • Drawing Sets
  • Daily Reports
  • Punch Lists
  • Transmittals
  • Action items
  • RTF Correspondence

Cost Management

Power + Flexibility = ROI

Combining the flexibility and ease of use of traditional project cost management with powerful features usually found only in enterprise accounting systems, PMWeb Cost Management is the platform you need to manage costs – from your smallest project to the largest. Highlighting the module are Cost Worksheets: user-definable, printable spreadsheets within PMWeb that display cost information the way you want to see it – and each automatically includes full drilldown capability, all the way to the transaction level. Create system worksheets to share across projects or create project-specific ones as needed. Advanced but easy-to-use budgets, contracts, commitments, invoices, funding and change management add up to the complete package.


  • User-defined cost worksheets with drill-down to transaction level
  • Funding by portfolio and project
  • Itemized forecasting
  • Multiple methods for creating cash flows
  • Flexible change management process
  • User-defined budget code structure with any number of code levels
  • Enter production records (work completed) against contracts, commitments and companies
  • Import actual costs to requisitions with the click of a button
  • Budget requests let your budgets evolve while retaining transactional history
  • Use journal entries to adjust any cost amounts. Route for approval using Visual Workflow.


Multi-Project Scheduling With Critical Path

PMWeb offers a complete scheduling solution with critical path management, drag and drop Gantt chart, baselining and more. Because Scheduling - like all PMWeb modules - is multi-project, features such as Resource Availability and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) views are ready to use out of the box. Build your schedule within PMWeb or link to MS Project and Primavera.


  • Claim analysis – compare schedules across periods and/or across projects
  • Links to Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project included
  • Timesheets that flow to the Cost Management module
  • Use Gantt chart interactively to link tasks, enter completed status, flag tasks and more
  • Cash flow & income reports directly from the schedule
  • Use any schedule as a template
  • Base percent complete on timesheets
  • View resource availability across all projects and periods

Asset Management

Organize, Understand, Act

Create on-demand or recurring Work Orders, link them to Maintenance Contracts and drop them on the interactive Dispatch Board to schedule them. PMWeb Asset Management lets you to track unlimited Inventory Locations, link Inventory to any asset in the system and pull from stock to Work Orders. Use Equipment records to log usage and a detailed Work Order history, be alerted to upcoming scheduled maintenance milestones and link to or nest other pieces of equipment as components or assemblies.


  • Asset Explorer – interactive tree view of all of your assets
  • Work Requests (from tenants or employees) that can be rolled over as work orders
  • Lease management
  • View the dispatch board across days, weeks and months
  • Space management
  • Preventive maintenance planning
  • Interactive Google map views of assets and work orders
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Track equipment you own, install or maintain
  • Unlimited inventory locations and sub-locations
  • Track inventory by stock #, lot # and serial #.

Visual Workflow

All the Business Process You Need

The advanced tools of the Visual Workflow Platform lie at the heart of PMWeb. Because it was built from the ground up to work directly within each PMWeb record type - including Custom Forms- Visual Workflow gives you the advanced tools you need to design, monitor and manage your collaboration and approval processes, all from a single sign in.


  • Parallel or serial workflow
  • Custom Form Builder
  • File management with check-in, check-out, versioning and attributes
  • Conditional workflow based on document content
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Unlimited workflow templates
  • Single sign in for users creating and collaborating on records
  • Review-only steps
  • Automated Process Management Rules (such as limits of authority)
  • Route digital files using Workflow


Reduce Duplicate Data Entry

Now you can allow employees and subcontractors to directly enter their time online, saving you clerical time and minimizing data entry errors. Supervisors can automatically be notfied by email that time has been submitted and directly access the timesheet from the email with one click.


  • Online data entry
  • A buillt-in feature of PMWeb - no third party vendors or special apps to deal with
  • Timesheets can be Resource or Project specific, or a combination
  • Enter timesheets for Employees, Subcontractors and Equipment
  • Option to immediately post time as project costs
  • Receive email notification of timesheet transactions, if desired
  • Route timesheets for approval using Visual Workflow
  • One click to create timesheets for the next period
  • Link timesheets lines to Cost Codes and Schedule Tasks
  • Link to contracts for billing based on actual costs

Document Management

Project Documents Are Data Too

Moving project documents from paper to an electronic file system is a no-brainer. Stakeholders can share and interact with documents in real time. Using a file manager that requires a separate login from your portfolio management system, though, simply replaces the paper barrier with a new (albeit digital) one. Project documents are data, just like estimates, schedules, purchase orders, etc. PMWeb lets you manage all of your project data – including documents – from a single platform with one sign-on.


  • User-defined folder structure
  • Check in, Check Out
  • Versioning
  • Custom file attributes
  • Extensive folder security controls
  • Content search
  • Drag & drop
  • Route files using PMWeb Visual Workflow
  • Attach files to all PMWeb record types

Custom Forms

Create Your Own Record Types

PMWeb’s Custom Form Builder lets you create any form you wish and use it just like any other PMWeb record. Add custom fields, lay out tables, define the data types to store, even link fields to custom drop-down lists. Once the form has been designed it immediately appears on the PMWeb menu for users you authorize to begin adding data. With Custom Forms, just like any other PMWeb record, you can add unlimited rich text format notes and attachments, route for collaboration and approval using Visual Workflow, merge to MS Office and much more.


  • Create unlimited custom record types
  • Define the data type for all custom fields
  • Use custom drop-down lists
  • Control who is authorized to view, add, edit and delete Custom Forms
  • Route for collaboration and approval using PMWeb Visual Workflow
  • Merge to MS Word, Excel and more
  • Define fields and tables
  • Mark fields as required or not

Integration Manager

Link to Many Popular Applications

Integration Manager, which works with Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and more, allows users to directly configure, schedule and monitor the exchange of data between PMWeb and external applications such as accounting and ERP systems. And, like all PMWeb features, it blends power with ease of use so you don’t need an engineering degree to use it.


  • Create multiple integration profiles that each link to an external application
  • Multiple file formats to choose from, including csv, MS Excel, xml and Web services
  • Easy-to-use interface makes integration setup quick and easy
  • Select which data fields are exchanged and define field aliases if desired
  • Schedule data exchange to run daily, weekly, monthly and more
  • Receive email notification of exchange transactions, if desired
  • View logs of exchange information
  • Managed inside PMWeb – no separate install required

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