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New Releases

PMWeb Version 5

We are excited to announce the release of PMWeb Version 5 which we believe will prove to be a landmark in our product development history.

Download Release Notes:

Version 5.0

Version 5.1

Version 5.2

Summary of Version 5 Features and Enhancements:

PMWeb 3D Viewer

The PMWeb 3D Viewer can be used to view and interact with many types of 3D file formats. Use the 3D Viewer to inspect models, rotate them, explode them, and take measurements. The 3D Viewer can be opened from any Attachments tab, the Document Manager, and from a Model Manager record.

PMWeb University

PMWeb University is a comprehensive suite of online instructional videos written and recorded by PMWeb subject matter experts.

New Layout and Architecture

PMWeb’s Version 5.0 release features a brand-new look and feel. All controls throughout the program were upgraded to be lighter on the page, resulting in faster load and save times. Additionally, the icon set was refreshed and a new “Metro” skin added.

Reinvented Scheduling

The Scheduling Module was reinvented from the ground up in Version 5. The interface was overhauled and spruced up and many new features were added that make the Scheduling Module much more powerful and easier to use.

Advanced Multi-Currency

PMWeb has long had multi-currency by project but now that powerful capability has been expanded down to the line item level. As of Version 5.0, users now have the option of using multiple currencies among the lines of a single record. For example, a Purchase Order can now include two lines in US Dollars, three lines in Euros, and five more lines in Yuan.

BIM Revit® Add-in

PMWeb can now integrate directly with BIM models using the Revit® add-in. This is used to automatically create PMWeb records from the BIM model, including assets (like floors, spaces, and equipment records) as well as other records such as RFIs, Submittals, and Work Orders. The optional BIM Module in the PMWeb Toolbox lets users track BIM models using new Model Manager records and generate PMWeb Asset records based on COBie data.

PBS and Project Explorer

A new field, “PBS”, has been added to Programs, Projects and Initiatives and a PBS page has been added to the Portfolio module. The PBS field provides an additional piece of metadata to graphically categorize projects. Use the PBS to create an unlimited user-defined tree structure, then drag and drop your projects onto any node on the tree to classify them.

New Collaboration Tools

A new tab, “Collaborate”, is available to display in most record types throughout PMWeb. With this tab, users can invite others to review and contribute to records on the fly. Collaborators can edit the record if granted permission and add notes, attachments and comments. Collaboration actions are logged and time and date stamped by user to automatically create detailed “conversations”.

Multi-Project Records

In the cost management module, Budget Requests and Journal Entries can now be made as multi-project records. Each line in these records can be assigned to a different project.

Revised Value

In Commitments, the Revised Quantity feature that PMWeb has had for several versions has been expanded to Revised Value. Now, throughout the change process for a Commitment, if you link to a Commitment line you have the option of adjusting not only the quantity but also the total currency amount. The revised quantity or the revised currency value can then be blended into Progress Invoice lines to make billing easier and clearer for all parties.

Enhanced Scoring

The scoring features have been greatly enhanced for Version 5.0. For every Scoring question, you can now define the data type of the answer.

Bluebeam Integration

An optional integration with Bluebeam has been added to the PMWeb Toolbox module. Bluebeam is a suite of applications that use PDFs to facilitate markup and collaboration.

Online Help System

The online help system has been completely reinvented. Detailed help topics for virtually every record type and component of PMWeb have been written and are available by clicking the question mark button -?- in the toolbar of most records. You can also search for topics and contents are linked by keywords.

Resource Management

An optional module – “Resource Management” – has been added to the PMWeb Toolbox. When you license Resource Management you acquire access to two new PMWeb record types, Org Chart and Requirements. (Please contact your PMWeb sales representative for information about Resource Management.)