One of the elements of an interim payment on construction projects is the payment for the contractor’s procured material delivered, stored and inspected at the project site. The contractor needs to provide supportive details of all material delivered as well as to quantify the remaining material stored at the project site. Those could include invoices, delivery notes, material inspection among others. This information will be submitted for the project owner or his authorized representative to be reviewed and approved for payment.

Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb, project owners can formalize the process for making payment against material stored and inspected at the project site. PMWeb custom form builder will be used to create a template to capture the details of all material delivered and stored at the construction site. The Material Inspection Request (MIR) will be used to capture the details of all delivered material including description of material item, material delivered details including delivered and approved quantities and unit of measure. In addition, the form will include details of the material manufacturer, material country of origin, storage location, date of arrival and delivery note reference details. The MIR for will include a checklist that details items that need to be verified against the delivered material including quantities claimed, identification, packing, quality, shelf life, material test certificates, confirmation that material delivered are in accordance with the contract specifications and any other details that need to be confirmed. The items included in the checklist are intended to enforce compliance with the contract’s requirements when it comes to accepting material delivered to the construction site as well as eliminate the disagreements between the contractor and supervision consultant when it comes to inspecting material deliveries.

PMWeb 7 Scheduling Forms Material Inspection Request Details

All supportive documents such as material invoices, delivery notes and inspection forms will be uploaded and attached to the material valuation form. The attachments could also include pictures of the delivered material stock as well as those stored at site. The attachment tab will also include the material submittals for which were used to document the delivered material submittal review and approval process. In addition, links to other PMWeb records as well as imported MS Outlook emails can be added.

PMWeb 7 Asset Managment Forms Material on sit valuation

A workflow will be assigned to the Material Inspection Request (MIR) form to ensure that the form was formally reviewed and approved. A formal approval for MIR is a must as those will be used as supportive documents for payment against material stored on site which will be part of the interim payment valuation. The workflow will change the status of the document from draft to approved. When approved, the record cannot be edited.

PMWeb 7 Workflow

The data captured in the stored material form for the different project periods will provide the project owner and other stakeholder with information on material deliveries that took place during the project duration and the material stored at the project site. The content and layout for the form can be modified to reflect the project’s reporting requirements.

PMWeb 7 Material Valuation Report for the Current Intern Period


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