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User Conference: Agenda

PMWeb 2019 User Conference: Agenda

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Optional Training Day
Monday, October 28th
*We encourage everyone to bring their own laptops, as workstations will not be provided.*

End User Module Training:
PMWeb Navigation & Document Manager
PMWeb Collaboration
PMWeb Planning
PMWeb Cost Management
PMWeb Engineering Forms

System Admin Training:
PMWeb Security, Permissions, Project Access, Project Record
PMWeb Configuration 1 (General Settings, Field Settings, Layouts, etc.)
PMWeb Configuration 2 (Specification Fields, User Defined Fields, PBS/WBS, Lists, etc.)
Workflow, Roles, Management
PMWeb Admin Page & Language Manager

Database / Technical Admins:
PMWeb Custom forms / PMWeb Word / PMWeb Reporting

Database Introduction and Basic SQL
SQL Reporting 1 (Basic: Formatting, Fonts, Colors, etc.)
SQL Reporting 2 (Advanced: Queries, New Fields, Calculations, etc.)
Advanced SQL Database Queries and Common Fixes/Updates

PMWeb 2019 User Conference
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 29th & 30th
(8am Tuesday – 4pm Wednesday)

PMWeb: Where We Are – Ken Damon, Product Manager, PMWeb
Showcasing the newest features in PMWeb.
PMWeb: Where We Are Going – Ken Damon, PMWeb
What’s on the horizon for PMWeb.
Ensuring Consistent Project Process Delivery With PMWeb – Lily Lee & Shannon Silva, Stanford University
Is It Time To Integrate With Your Accounting System? – Daniel Williams, Calance | John Audi, Massport
The business case and learnings from Massport’s integration with PeopleSoft and Lobar’s integration with Sage.
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions: 15 Major Clients, 30,000 Projects Annually, One Environment… What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
– Lori Logan, BGIS | George Lochhead, Project Execution Group
You Need More Fans: Why End User Participation Is Crucial – Paul Vogels, Primaned
Accessible & Reliable Data (Saves Big Money!) – William Cook & Tyler Monson, HKA
An expert’s case study on defending a claim.
Spreading The Money Around – Joel Thompson & Mitch Erickson, Facility Workflow Solutions
Leveraging the power of PMWeb for cash flow, forecasts and earned value.
The Times They Are A Changin’ – Marc Brown, Orange County
How Orange County streamlined its change management process.
Tips & Tricks- Knowing is Half the Battle – Tyler Monson & Konstantine Tonas, HKA
Panel Of Experts – Experts from various industry verticals share their experiences with PMWeb and answer your questions.


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