For capital construction projects where Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being used, many individuals are representing the different entities involved in the project delivery who would need to have easy and agile access to those BIM models. Those individuals’ interest is mainly to review the BIM model so they can identify issues and comments and remarks to be addressed by the entity who has either authored the BIM model or another entity who also have a role in what the BIM model contains.

The new Autodesk Viewer supports most 2D and 3D files, including DWG, STEP, DWF, RVT, and Solidworks, and works with over 80 file types. The free online viewer allows the user to view and investigate the shared Revit or other BIM file types. The viewer has the functionalities that are common to other BIM viewers such as model browser, rotate, show sections, measure distances, explode the model, fit to screen, and others. In addition, the user can view all the 2D and 3D views included in the BIM model. For example, the BIM model could also be accompanied by the floor plans for each floor level as well as with the plans for the building cross sections or even elevations.

The user can also add comments and remarks to the BIM model by adding cloud, text, and arrows. The user has then the option to either take a snapshot of those remarks so the picture file can be shared with others or copy the hyperlink URL link for the BIM model along with the same made remarks.It should be noted that the BIM files that needed to be reviewed need to be uploaded and stored on the Autodesk server. Autodesk keeps those files for 30 days but they can be renewed for another 30 days when the user selects the renew option.

PMWeb 7 Autodesk Viewer

For projects where a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb is being used to automate the different business processes required for managing the project delivery and for which there could be a need to associate those BIM model remarks with transactions of those processes, then this is possible even without using PMWeb own BIM model manager. The business processes that might have this requirement would usually include the business processes for Request for Information (RFI), Work Inspection Request (WIR), Non-Conformance Report (NCR), Submittal, Transmittal, Meeting Minutes, Site Work Instruction (SWI), Confirmation of Verbal Instructions (CVI) Change Orders, Potential Change Orders, Punch List and others.For each one of those business processes, the user has the option to either attach the snapshot picture file taken for the remark made on the BIM model or attach the hyperlink URL of the remark. Regardless of the option selected, the user can add notes and comments to the attached or linked BIM document. The advantage of both options is that the user does not need to upload the heavy Autodesk Revit file or any other BIM model file into the project management information system being PMWeb. 

PMWeb 7 Forms RFIS Questions over Document 
Attachment Comment

For the attached BIM Model URL link, PMWeb allows the user to launch the Autodesk Viewer directly from within PMWeb when the URL hyperlink is selected. When the BIM model becomes visible, the PMWeb user can then select to view with the required remark that he/she wants to review as well as have the option to view other remarks made on the same BIM model if needed. The Autodesk online viewer allows to hide or filter out all resolved remarks made on the BIM model if this is needed.

PMWeb 7 Autodesk Viewer View Markup

The Autodesk online viewer can be used to review and markup 2D “DWG” files. Following similar steps for the BIM model, the DWG file will be uploaded to the Autodesk online viewer. Remarks will be added and saved before copying the URL link to the relevant PMWeb record attachment tab. This will enable the reader to click on the PMWeb URL attachment to view the comment made on the DWG file.

PMWeb 7 Autodesk Viewer View Markup

In addition, Autodesk free online viewer allows exporting all comments made on the BIM model, DWG file, or any other file reviewed in a PDF file format. The exported file will show the picture of each comment made, done by who and when. The PDF file can be attached to the relevant PMWeb transaction as well as uploaded and saved in the PMWeb document management repository.

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