One of the main objectives of using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb is to automate the submit, review and approve steps associated with the workflows assigned to the different project management processes. When a workflow is created, each step assigned to a project team member would have a duration to complete the needed review and approve actions. The total of all those durations within a workflow should not exceed the allotted duration to complete the review and approval process. The total duration of a workflow could differ depending on the type and nature of the project management process.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Setup Workflow Business Processes  Define Role Step

For each workflow, PMWeb provides the option to create automated alerts when the workflow step duration exceeds the originally allotted duration. This is a must requirement in projects, and in particular capital projects, where workflow steps cannot be simply escalated for another project team member to act on. The assigned individual to the workflow step must perform that step to fulfill the project’s roles and responsibilities requirements. PMWeb allows the setting the number of days for an alert to be triggered should the assigned individual fails to complete the review process in the allotted duration. Those number of days could be either for number of delayed days (+) or number of days remaining to consume the allotted days (-). In addition, PMWeb allows specifying what project team members to receive this alert and whether this alert to be received via email, on-screen notification or both.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Setup Workflow Business Processes

PMWeb allows defining the layout of the alert email message by adding the fields that need to be included in the email notification message. It also allows specifying the attachments to be sent along with this alert email. Those could include the default PMWeb report and PMWeb Word form assigned to the relevant project management process. It also allows creating a link to the PMWeb record for which the alert is being issued for.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Setup Message Template Alerts

For example, let us assume that the Contractor has submitted a Request for Information (RFI) asking for the engineer to clarify on the ambiguities that the mechanical floor piping layout drawing has with the structural drawings. Usually, responding to RFIs should not exceed fourteen (14) days from submission date. For this RFI workflow, there are two review and approve steps each is five (5) days long leaving four (4) days as a buffer. The RFI workflow has an alert if the workflow step is delayed by two (2) days or more. Should this happen, an alert email will be sent to the Project Manager who will check with the assigned reviewer on the reasons for this delay. Now assume the first step reviewer has delayed the review duration by two (2) days. In this instance, PMWeb will automatically send an alert email to the Project Manager as shown below so he/she can take the necessary actions.

PMWeb 7 Overdue Workflow Setup RFI Testing Project - Message (HTML)


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