There is a growing trend among organizations that are involved in delivering capital projects to enforce proactive knowledge management culture. To achieve this, project team members are required to formally share lessons learned for which the quality and quantity of those lessons learned will become of the project team member performance appraisal. It is said that 70% of the knowledge will be gained when it is written down.The Lessons Learned Register is a report that provides the details of the captured, analyzed, and approved lessons learned across the complete projects’ portfolio that an organization could have. In addition, it includes visuals to group those lessons learned by project, project life stage, impact category, and impact type.

PMWeb 7 Lessons Learned Register

Using a Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) solution like PMWeb helps the organization to implement a formal yet very effective process for capturing, analyzing, and sharing lessons learned. The PMWeb form builder will be used to create the Lesson Learned Form which will enable all project team members to initiate the process for capturing all identified lessons learned. The form will include the fields needed to report the lesson learned, impact on cost, schedule, quality and HSE, root cause analysis, immediate solution, required corrective preventive action or solution, identification of work process, practice, or Process.

PMWeb 7 Assets Forms Lessons Learned

The form will also include a checklist to identify how this lesson learned will impact the project’s Personnel, Assets, Environment, and Schedule. The table will group those impacts by how they are classified as Major, Medium, Low, and Watch Out. This will enable the individuals completing the form to select the impacts that the reported lesson learned could have.

PMWeb 7 Assets Forms Lessons Learned

The attachment tab for the Lesson Learned Form will be used to link the relevant PMWeb records and the documents that are related to the reported lesson learned. This will provide the project team with a better understanding of the reported lesson learned. In addition, links to records that business processes managed in PMWeb can also be linked to the lessons learned from. Further, hyperlinks to third-party websites that could have information relevant to the reported lessons learned can also be added.

PMWeb 7 Schedules Forms Non Compliance Report (NCR)

It is highly recommended that all supportive documents, regardless of their type or source, get uploaded and stored on the PMWeb document management repository. PMWeb allows creating folders and subfolders to match the physical filing structure used to store hard copies of those documents.

PMWeb 7 Document Manager Projects Capital Project Construction Phase BP02 Superstructure

To enforce a formal process for submitting, analyzing the approving the lessons learned to be added to the organization’s knowledge base, PMWeb workflow will be used to ensure the involvement of the right and authorized project team members. The lesson learned process can be initiated by any project team member who has access to the PMWeb platform.The workflow will be used to formalize the creation, submission, review, and approval tasks. The assigned workflow will map the create, submit, review and approve tasks, roles or roles assigned to each task, task duration, task type, and actions available for the task.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Business Processes (BPM)


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