One of the common items in interim payment applications for construction contracts is the deductions for the engineering consultant team for the overtime and weekend hours spent in supervising construction activities that the contractor needs to carry out during those hours. The contractor would formally request for the same before the engineering consultant team receives approval to spent those hours.

Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb, a formal process kind be implemented to capture and approve those resource hours. To start with, the engineering consultant team members who could be asked to work overtime and weekend hours need to be added to PMWeb resources directory. For each resource, the option for the different pay types that each resource could charge needs to be allowed.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Resources Labor Resources

Next, using PMWeb pay types, the consultant will identify the applicable hourly rate for the overtime, weekend and other premium working hours. Those pay rates will be approved by the contractor and the project owner so the engineering consultant can use when needed.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Resources Labor Resources

On weekly basis, the engineering consultant needs to submit timesheet for the project team who have worked overtime or weekend hours during the week. For each resource, the number of those extra hours will be reported on the date they were spent. Details on how those hours were spent need to be also detailed.

PMWeb 7 Toolbox Timesheet

To formalize the approval of the extra hours spent by the engineering consultant project team members, a workflow will be added to the timesheet module. This will ensure that the proper review and approvals of those timesheets by the assigned project team members.

PMWeb 7 Workflow

The details of the engineering consultant resource hours captured on weekly basis using PMWeb timesheet module will become available to report on in any desired form and format. For example, the report shown below details the total engineering consultant resource hours charged for site supervision activities after normal working hours for the selected interim payment period. The same report can be filtered to include all resource hours for all interim payment periods of for any specific interim payment period. The report also include analysis of how those hours were spent by the engineering consultant resources.

PMWeb 7 Engineering Consultant Overtime Hours For Supervising Contractor on Site Activities


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