How CDOT is using PMWeb to provide best-in-class support for its end users as PMWeb is rolled out across the organization. 

Transportation impacts our lives each day — from the bridges you cross to the signs you read to the construction reports you follow. A good transportation system allows us to travel to work, enjoy recreational activities and access health care. It allows companies to provide products and services to consumers.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) exists to ensure that Colorado has a safe and efficient highway system by building and maintaining interstates, U.S. highways and state highways.

To manage these state-wide highway projects with varied complexity, cost and type, CDOT procured PMWeb. PMWeb is being used for both Pre-Construction and Construction management activities across all CDOT regions across the state. Additionally, they have been innovative in leveraging PMWeb to support end-user system adoption. Navigating a new system can be confusing to an organization in the beginning, so CDOT developed both a dedicated, internal PMWeb “Support Website” and they have also leveraged PMWeb through custom configuration to collect “Help Requests” from end users while transitioning through training and implementation. 

This valued resource built within PMWeb allows for a team to document and respond to questions, concerns and technical issues as they arise in an efficient manner. It also allows management to understand pain points, training opportunities and it opens the lines of communication between teams.

Currently, CDOT is live with the Pre-Construction phase, tracking projects, milestones, schedules and deliverables through Stage Gates, SAP Integration and more. Within the demanding boundaries of managing these vast projects, users can feel a sense of support and relief that their ideas are welcomed within the very system they now rely on. With great success, there are over 150 “Help Requests” that have been submitted from all Regions, which speaks to the power of Corporate-to-Project Team support while they continue to manage complex projects in a new system.

User Help Request Form:

User Request Manager’s Log:

Written by Sassha Jeffries, HKA
HKA has also implemented the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform as part of CDOT’s commitment to its End Users.

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