Substantial Completion refers to a stage of a construction or building project or a designated portion of the project that is sufficiently complete, in accordance with the construction contract documents, so that the owner may use or occupy the building project or designated portion thereof for the intended purpose. The project owner needs to be sure that all perquisites for issuing the substantial completion letters are fulfilled.

Using Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb helps project owners in better managing the substantial completion process. This will be achieved by creating a Substantial Completion form using PMWeb form builder where the form will include a predefined checklist to verify that all conditions for issuing the substantial completion letter had been fulfilled and a letter template that will generate the substantial completion letter.

The form header will include details of the project and company that the substantial letter will be issued to along with the agreed substantial completion date, cost estimate of work that is incomplete or defective and the number of days for the contractor to complete incomplete works from substantial completion date. The form header will also include details on the review and approval workflow status.

In addition, the form will include a table of all items that need to be fulfilled before issuing the substantial completion letter. For each item in the form, there will be a description of the item and action status. This substantial completion checklist is the most important part of this form as this captures the organization’s knowledge in delivering and closing projects.

PMWeb 7 Asset Managment Forms Substantial Completion Letter

The form will also include a table to include details of project or portions of the project designated for partial occupancy or use. In addition, there will be a table that will list warranties that will not commence on the substantial completion date and instead give the commencement date of those warranties. Finally, there will be a table to list work to be completed or corrected within the period stated for the contractor to complete this work.

PMWeb 7 Project or Portions of the Project Designated for Partial Occupancy or Use

The attachment tab will be used to attach and link all documents and records listed in the substantial completion checklist. Those documents will be stored in PMWeb document management repository while links to PMWeb records will be linked to the actual records created in PMWeb.

PMWeb 7 Asset Managment Forms Substantial Completion Letter Link Records

The workflow tab will be used to capture the details of the workflow steps assigned to review and complete the checklist so that the substantial completion letter can be issued. The workflow can be designed in accordance with the approval authorities set by the Project Owner.

PMWeb 7 Workflow

PMWeb Word module allows creating all letter templates needed during the project life cycle stages including the Substantial Completion Letter. The project owner’s authorized representative assigned to issue the Substantial Completion Letter will automatically have the letter generated when selecting the letter template name.

PMWeb 7 Asset Managment Forms Substantial Completion Letter Template


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