HKA Tech is the technology division of HKA, a global organization with more than 1,000 professionals across 40+ offices in 18 countries – including 17 offices in the USA. HKA has over four decades of experience from construction and manufacturing to processes and technology. Consequently, HKA is a leading global consultancy, providing seamless access to advisory, consulting, and expert services. 

The HKA Tech division has been implementing portfolio, program and project controls software systems since 1996. In 2011, they chose PMWeb as the best solution to market and promote to their clients. This made them one of PMWeb’s first Global Partners. HKA’s team of consultants dedicates themselves to selling, implementing, and supporting the PMWeb Solution. As a result, HKA Tech is the most experienced in making PMWeb successful for all clients.  They have also partnered with PMWeb on many marquis implementations to deliver results in configurations, integrations, BI Reporting/Dashboards, digital adoption, training, and rollouts. Therefore, Using this experience, they have developed a proven implementation methodology. It has been used to successfully configure, train, and roll-out PMWeb for over 200 clients both large and small worldwide.

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