Construction quality control (CQC) is intended to provide a comprehensive, common, and consistent framework for quality control across the various contract packages that are part of a capital construction project. CQC comprises two main elements of quality control, Testing, and Inspections. Testing control covers the type of tests to be carried out, frequency of testing, and testing stage. Inspection control covers the timing of inspections, what has to be inspected, and the inspection procedures.

Various site tests on materials and works are required to be carried out by the contractor during construction. This requires having a well-equipped and adequately operating site test laboratory, an essential element of the quality assurance plan. To ensure that all required testing equipment is available and approved by the supervision consultant, a checklist needs to be prepared to detail the testing equipment that the contractor needs to provide at the site laboratory. This needs to be reviewed and approved at the start of the project. Laboratory equipment shall be properly calibrated, and calibration certificates should be kept at the laboratory for review by the supervision consultant, as necessary. 

Using a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb, the “Checklist of Site Testing Laboratory Equipment” can be created using PMWeb, a custom form builder. The checklist that will be done for the prime contractor required to maintain the site test laboratory will include a table with three columns. The first column is for the testing equipment name. The second is for the type of test the equipment will be used for, and the third to confirm if the right equipment is available and approved to use. 

The checklist table can be modified to include other information that the supervision consultant might require. For example, it could consist of the frequency of testing and stage of testing values for each type of test. Besides, it is also possible to create another checklist to detail all specialized tests that need to be done at third-party laborites.

PMWeb 7 Assets Forms testing equipment

The form attachment tab will be used to attach the details of each testing equipment that will be available in the Site Testing Laboratory and the specification section that lists this requirement. The attached documents will also include all calibration tests and other tests done for each piece of equipment. It is highly recommended that all those documents be uploaded and stored on the PMWeb document repository. A folder should be created to hold those documents and any revisions to be issued after the project’s start. 

PMWeb 7 Schedules Forms Attachments

The Checklist of Site Testing Laboratory Equipment needs to be formally submitted to the supervision consultant to be reviewed and approved. The PMWeb workflow assigned to the checklist will map the sequence for the review and approval tasks as well as assign the role or project team member to each task. 

PMWeb 7 Workflows Business Processes (BPM)


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