For projects centric organizations, there is always an on-going demand for new project ideas, known as initiatives, to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives. Those initiatives will be requested by the different business units to identify what investments they would need to achieve the strategic initiatives to be undertaken by the organization. Those requested initiatives, if approved, would become projects that could be selected to be delivered by the organization depending on the organization’s selection and prioritization process.

PMWeb 7 Initiatives

Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb, organizations can formalize and improve the process of capturing initiative requirements, regardless of the initiative type. PMWeb Work Requests module is the module to capture new initiatives, new projects as well as new work requests for asset management. The user can provide the high-level details of the requested initiative such as initiative description and scope of work, category and type, location and the requester details. In addition, user defined fields can be created to capture additional details such as estimated investment cost, planned start, need date among others. Those user defined fields are very important to better describe the initiative request. PMWeb allows creating different user defined fields for which each group would include the user defined fields relevant to that group. The value types for those user defined fields could be text, date, numeric, currency, predefined lists and Boolean.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Work Requested

The attachment tab will be used to attach all supportive documents for the requested initiative such as pictures, market demand studies, drawings among others. Those documents will be usually uploaded and stored into PMWeb document management repository before they are attached to the new initiative request.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Work Requested

The workflow assigned to the initiative request will be used to formalize the review and approval process for the initiative request to be approved as an initiative which will be subject for further analysis to better define the scope of the requested initiative. It is important that the status of the initiative becomes approved before an initiative is generated.

PMWeb 7 Workflow

When the initiative request is approved, the initiative can be generated. Usually, the approval of the initiative request will be done by the business unit head the have submitted the initiative request. When selecting the generate command, PMWeb will provide list of project templates that has many of the needed items for each project depending on its type predefined. This will help not only in expediting the process for the generating the new initiative but also have common values readily available.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Work Requested Select Template Project

When this is completed, a new initiative will be created in PMWeb. This initiative form will be used to capture additional initiative details such as the cost estimate, master schedule, response to initiative scoring details among other details to better assess the initiative and decide whether it can become a project. It should be noted that even if the initiative request becomes a project, it is by no mean that the project will be approved for execution. The project still needs to be subject for the organization’s projects selection and prioritization process.

PMWeb 7 Planning Portfolio Planning Initiatives

The initiatives request report will provide the organization with a comprehensive real-time register of all initiative requests submitted by the different business units. The report will detail the status of those requests as well as the details of the initiative requests. The report will also include visuals to group requested initiatives by location, category, type and status.

PMWeb 7 Initiatives Request Report


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