Generally, every capital project needs to be designed before it is constructed. During the project design phase, many deliverables will be produced including drawings, specifications, bill of quantities, contract agreements, building permits, public authorities’ approval among others. Those deliverables, for which could be subject to many revisions, need to be formally approved by the project owner and local authorities before they are issued for tender. For example, the chart below shows an example of the design deliverables at the 60% Construction Documents stage of the project design phase.

PMWeb 7 Construction Documents (CDs)

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb will enable managing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting the status of design deliverables at the basis of design (BOD), concept, schematic, design development, 60% construction documents and 100% construction document stages. Using a PMIS like PMWeb, the drawing lists module will be used to capture the details of all design deliverables which would usually include project phase, WBS level, CSI division, CSI specification, category and status. In addition, it allows capturing all revisions of each deliverable including the full details of each version. The deliverable document itself, which could be a drawing, specification, etc., will be attached to its appropriate revision. Like other PMWeb modules, a workflow can be assigned to each deliverable to formalize the internal submit, review and approval of each deliverable.

PMWeb 7 Engineering Forms Drawing Lists Details

Usually design deliverables are submitted for project owner’s review and approval in sets that include interrelated deliverables. The PMWeb Drawings Set will be used to create design deliverable sets. The design coordinator will select the design deliverables to be included in the design deliverable set.

PMWeb 7 Engineering Forms Drawing Sets Link Drawings

Although a workflow can be assigned to the design deliverables set, nevertheless and to enforce formal communication, a transmittal will be generated for the design deliverable set. This will enable the design coordinator the desired design review actions for the transmittal which will have a predefined workflow to submit, review and approve the design deliverable set. The reviewer can drill down to the design deliverable document that was attached to design deliverable and which will be stored in the PMWeb Document Management Repository.

PMWeb 7 Engineering Forms Transmittals Details

The PMWeb PMIS will enable the project owner as well as the design consultant to monitor, evaluate and report on the design stages deliverables in the desired form and format. The report could include visuals to summarize the design deliverables by stage, category, status and any other attribute that was captured in the design deliverables input form. The design deliverables listed in the tabular will be linked to the design deliverable input form to allow the report reviewer to drill down to the data source and view the document associated with that specific deliverable to ensure a single version of the truth when it comes to reporting design deliverables status.

PMWeb 7 Design Phases Deliverables Packages and Items


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