No one knows when the Covid-19 pandemic will end, being part of our daily lives. Measures are taking worldwide by governments to control the spread of Covid-19 infection. Many of the actions relate to locations where it usually tends to have many individuals at the same time. For example, those could make restaurants, shopping malls, schools, government buildings, sports venues, and of course, construction sites. Although the vaccination for Covid-19 is already in place, many countries continue to require the PCR test from those who need to present at locations labeled as having a high risk of getting infected with Covid-19. For example, in the UAE, those who have received the Covid-19 vaccine are required to do a PCR test once every month, while those who were not vaccinated need to do a PCR test every week before entering the premises of a government entity.

For those involved in capital construction projects delivery might consider a similar approach for their construction sites. The impact of having the risk of an individual who is Covid-19 positive at a construction site could be far more devastating and costly than implementing the preventive measures to avoid this risk. This means that all resources, management, and labor deployed on capital construction projects need to have the Covid-19 information added to their profile. This information will include the latest first and second Covid-19 vaccination dates, including the vaccination name. Also, the information will include details of the last PCR test made. The relevant supportive documents need to be attached to the resource profile for vaccination and PCR test information. This will enable having a real-time report on all those resources highlight those that need to do a PCR test or take the Covid-19 vaccination.

Usually, a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb is the platform used to capture all resources deployed on the project. Those resources will be used to report daily reports, timesheets, organization charts, resource requirements, cost estimates, work orders, meeting minutes, workflow steps, project schedule, etc. PMWeb labor resource module is where the details of those resources will be captured as a single repository for all projects managed by an entity. Those could be the own entity resources or any third-party resources. 

For the Covid-19, the resource will have additional information fields to capture the required vaccination and PCR test details. Most of the information needed to complete those fields will be available from a predefined list of values. Those fields will be designated as required fields to be completed. In other words, PMWeb will not save the resource details. 

The resource form attachment tab will be used to attach the vaccination confirmation and PCR tests and resource personal photo. The option for displaying those documents on the primary resource form will be selected. This will enable having all resource information, including those of Covid-19, displayed on the same page.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Record Labor Resources Main

The information captured in the PMWeb resource module will become readily available to be reported on. For example, the Resources’ Covid-19 Compliance Report provides a detailed register of deployed resources with their essential details, including Covid-19 vaccination and PCR tests. The report will include a column to indicate the resource’s current validity to be deployed on the construction where the Green color means that the resource can be deployed. Yellow to alert that the resource validity to be on site is expiring within a day or less, or Red, which means that resource cannot be deployed on-site. The deployment status will depend on the PCR test-taking account if the resource has received vaccination or not.

PMWeb 7 Resources Covid-19 Compliance Report


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