For construction projects that the specifications permit “or equal” alternatives or substitutions after contract award, the contractor is entitled to make an alternative or substitution of materials or equipment which is equivalent or equal to the equipment or materials specified in the contract. For those proposed alternatives or substitutions, the contractor is required to submit a substitution request form following the contract provisions for substitution procedures which is usually outlined under section “01 25 00” of the project’s specifications.

PMWeb 7 Substitution Request

Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb, project owners can formalize the “Request for Alternative or Substitution” process by creating the needed form and workflow to ensure the needed reviews and approvals are formally secured. PMWeb custom form builder will be used to create the “Request for Alternative or Substitution” form capturing all the fields needed for the contractor to detail the reasons for the alternative or substitution request along with the proposed cost and time savings. The form will also include the fields for capturing the review and approval comments made by the engineering consultant and project management consultant.

PMWeb 7 Assets Forms Request For alternative or Substitution 

To ensure a comprehensive and faster review and approval process for the proposed material or equipment substitution or alternative, the form will include fields with predefined values for the reasons why the Contractor is submitting the request. Those requirements will be usually part of the section “01 25 00 SUBSTITUTION PROCEDURES”.

PMWeb 7 Reasons Substitution or Alternative

Since the form will be submitted by the contractor, the form will include a field to capture the acceptance by the contractor for the certification and undertaking that the alternative or substitution material or equipment shall perform the function for which it is intended among others as shown below. The form will also include a field to capture the contractor’s acknowledgment that the approval for the alternative or substation does not waive the Contractor’s obligations to the Employer to fulfill the project’s specification requirements as set in the contract agreement.

PMWeb 7 Substitution or Alternative  Contract Agreement

To ensure a comprehensive and auditable review by the engineering consultant, it is highly recommended to have a predefined checklist of items that need to be reviewed and responded to. The checklist will have three categories for the review, Product Equivalence, Effect on the Project, and Effect on the Warranty. The “Request for Alternative or Substitution” form will include a table that will list all items to check and the response to those items. Access to this table will be limited to the engineering consultant.

PMWeb 7 Product Substitution Checklist

The “Request for Alternative or Substitution” attachment tab will be used to upload and attach the specification of the originally specified material or equipment and the specification for the proposed alternative or substitution. The attachment will include the alternative or substation material or equipment brochure, details of the proposed method of fabrication, and the proposed method of installation.

PMWeb 7 Forms Inspections 5 Progress Observation Level 01 

The workflow assigned to the “Request for Alternative or Substitution” form will detail the different steps needed for the review, approval, and final approval steps that will be performed by the project management consultant and engineering consultant team members. The form will include fields to capture the comments of the project management consultant and engineering consultant for which access rights will be aligned with the workflow steps.

PMWeb 7 Workflows Business Processes (BPM)

Using PMWeb report writer, the “Request for Alternative or Substitution” output form can be designed in any desired form and format to meet the project’s communication requirements. As this form is considered formal project communication, the form needs to be “wet-signed” and stamped by the authorized project entity representatives who are involved in this process.

PMWeb 7 Request for Alternative or Substitution Register

Request for Alternative or Substitution Register will provide a real-time register of all submitted requests and their current status. The register will include visuals to summarize the requests by the type of the proposed alternative or substitution, requests by specification section, requests by status, and a summary of total cost savings associated with those proposed material or equipment alternatives or substitutions.


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