During the different project lifecycle phases, task forces might be established by upper management to break through strict organizational boundaries. A task force is a temporary group, usually four to twelve people, formed to carry out a specific mission or to solve a problem that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Usually, the task force will exist for a specific, time-limited purpose, usually lasting a few weeks.

Typically, a team leader is appointed, and team members are selected based on factors such as competency, position in the existing structure, loyalty or ability to work with others. The team leader directs the activities of the team members. Upper management decides to disband the team/task force when it deems results have been achieved.

PMWeb ready-to-use Action module will be used to document all actions associated with those task forces. For each task force, a new action will be created. The form allows defining the different tasks needed to complete this action and assign responsibility for each action and due date. The action form will include fields for Task Force target completion date, action completion date, status which could be active, dissolved and completed and purpose of the task force.

PMWeb 7 Engineering Forms Action Items

The team leader will invite the task force team members to join this created action document. All inputs made by the team members will be captured online under the collaborate tab of the action form. All comments and input made by the task force team members will be captured on this page.

PMWeb 7 Collaborate

In addition, relevant PMWeb records and imported emails will be linked to the action form.  Those documents, records and emails can be linked to each specific task or attached to the action form. The attached documents will be stored in the PMWeb Document Management Repository to ensure that they are always accessible when needed. This will ensure that there is a single record that has all details relevant to the task force.

PMWeb 7 Engineering Forms Action Items

The Task Force Performance status report provides the organization with a consolidated view to monitor and track the performance status of all created task forces across the complete projects’ portfolio. The report provides real-time summary visuals on the number of created task forces per project, by task force manager, by priority and by status.

PMWeb 7 Task Force Performance Status Report


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