For organizations who are responsible for delivering capital projects particularly in the public sector, delivering sustainable projects is becoming a must requirement. Sustainable projects are projects that are not only delivering the project scope with the desired quality, within budget and on the needed delivery date but will also help in achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity by the year 2030. Those projects need to contribute to the country’s economy, society and environment development objectives.

The Project Management Information System (PMIS) will be used to audit each project’s compliance with those three sustainability development objectives. Using PMWeb as the PMIS solution, the custom form builder will be used to create and capture the Economy, Society and Environment scores set for the project. For each, sustainability development aspect, there will be a list of measures for which they will be scored on a scale from 1 to 5 at the end of each month or quarter depending on the organization’s sustainability policy. The score of 1 would mean no compliance while score of 5 will be full compliance. Weights will be set for each score to be able to have a total weighted score value for each aspect. Similar to all PMWeb modules, documents can be uploaded and attached to the Sustainability Audit Report as well as relevant PMWeb records can be linked. In addition, a workflow will be assigned to formalize the steps for submitting, reviewing and approving the Sustainability Audit Report.

PMWeb 7 Impact Worksheet

The data captured in those Sustainability Audit Reports will become the basis for monitoring, evaluating and reporting the sustainability development compliance for a project or a portfolio of projects. The report will show the compliance trend for each measure of the three sustainability aspects being society, economy and environment. The report could include filters to select the project or the projects portfolio that the organization is interested to report on.

PMWeb 7 Projects Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) Measure

A PMIS solution like PMWeb will address and Fulfill the requirements for sustainable development management for any capital project. This will include the periodical Sustainability Audit Reports for the three sustainability aspects of society, economy and environment. The sustainability development management information captured in the PMIS will provide the organization with the real-time content to monitor, evaluate and report the performance of project sustainable development compliance.

PMWeb 7 Projects Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) Dashboard


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