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Monitoring and Tracking Contractors’ Material and Equipment Procurement Schedule in Construction Projects

Monitoring and Tracking Contractors’ Material and Equipment Procurement Schedule in Construction Projects

Written by Bassam Samman, PMP, PSP, EVP, GPM

One of the key progress reports that Contractors are obliged to submit on a weekly basis is the updated procurement schedule which details all materials and equipment that will become permanent components of a project’s scope of work. The procurement schedule needs to be fully aligned with the project’s integrated schedule to ensure that delivery dates are aligned with the needed dates to use or install those materials and equipment.
Using Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb, a formal process will be created to formalize the monitoring and tracking of contractors’ procurement schedules. PMWeb form builder will be used to create a form that will capture the needed details including contractor name, bid package reference, relevant project schedule activity, material or equipment description, Bill of Quantity or Specification reference number, estimated and ordered quantity along the unit of measure, required order date, issued purchase order date and reference, supplier name, method of shipping, shipping date to the country and required on job date, estimated and actual date of arrival to site, and remarks. There will be also a field to confirm if the issued purchase order has been attached.

In addition, the form will also include a table to capture the material or equipment details if they were actually delivered in batches. The table will include the lot, delivery date, quantity delivered and remarks. There will also be a field to confirm if the delivery note has been attached.

The form attachment tab will be used to upload and attach copies of the issued purchase order, factory and third-party testing certificates that could be needed, documents that confirm that the material or equipment had been shipped, delivery notes among other needed supportive documents.

The captured data will become the basis for generating the Contractors’ Procurement Schedule which is usually known for those who have worked on projects managed by Turner as the “E2” report. In addition to the fields captured from the Contractors’ Procurement Schedule form, the report will include a field called “Lead” which will be the difference between the estimated date of arrival to site and required on job date.

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