PMWeb Version 8.0

PMWeb Version 8.0 features three brand new features—Adaptive Forms, Power BI Reporting, and Multifactor Authentication—as well as many other enhancements to existing features.

PMWeb 8.0 Adaptive Form
The New PMWeb Adaptive Form Designer
PMWeb 8.0 Adaptive Form
Adaptive Forms work just like PMWeb System Forms

Adaptive Forms

PMWeb has long had a page designer (Classic Form Builder) but Version 8.0 introduces an all-new companion tool, Adaptive Forms.

Adaptive Forms highlights include:

  • A brand-new designer interface
  • Drag and drop to add controls and move them
  • Dozens of controls with detailed configuration options for each
  • Use native PMWeb data and create data options on the fly
  • Adaptive Forms automatically reformat themselves to fit the screen
  • Design one form that automatically works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Preview adaptive behavior on various devices with a click, from inside the designer
  • Create forms at System, Project Program, Project, Initiative, Location Program, or Location level
  • Designer is fast, easy, and intuitive
  • Build your own tables in seconds
  • Add custom calculations and conditional logic
  • Easily create validation rules to guide users completing your forms
  • Copy forms quickly and easy
  • Use PMWeb Visual Workflow and sign your forms digitally
PMWeb 8.0 Adaptive Form
Immediately Preview your Adaptive Form on Various Devices

Power BI Reporting

With Version 8.0, PMWeb is now integrated with Microsoft’s advanced reporting platform, Power BI.

Users can easily add reports by right-clicking on one of the new Power BI Report folders. In the dialog, type or paste the Power BI Report URL, upload an optional preview image, and you are done!

PMWeb 8.0 Power BI Reporting
The Add / Edit Power BI Report Dialog
PMWeb / Microsoft Power BI Reporting

Reports run from the PMWeb Power BI folder will enforce all PMWeb security restrictions that are designed in them. If you run the same report from the Public Power BI folder, PMWeb security restrictions will not be enforced.

Multifactor Authentication

To enhance security, system administrators can now require users to enter both a password and a randomly generated access key when logging in. To enable multifactor authentication (MFA) for a user, in Security/Define Users click the Multi Factor checkbox for the user to select it.

PMWeb 8.0 Multifactor Authentication
The New Multifactor and Reset MFA Columns

The first time the user logs in after MFA has been activated for their account, they will see this dialog:

PMWeb 8.0 Multifactor Authentication
The Authentication Dialog

After they scan the QR code, the user will see something like this for PMWeb in the Microsoft Authenticator app:

The user will enter the code in the Authentication dialog. As soon as the sixth correct digit is entered, the dialog will close and PMWeb will open.

PMWeb 8.0 administrator

Enhanced Features

In addition to the new Adaptive Forms and Power BI Reports, PMWeb version 8.0 also includes these enhancements:

  • Workflow calendar – You can now define calendars of work and off days in the Workflow module. Calendars are then considered when calculating due dates in each Visual Workflow step.
  • Enhanced schedule linking – When linking in Schedules you can now select XML ZIP files. Plus, we made several improvements to the function and layout of the Link Schedule dialog.
  • Generating improvements – Now all project- and location-based record types, as well as Classic Custom Forms and the new Adaptive Forms, are available in the From and To fields of the Generating setup page.
  • We added Field Level security to:
    • All Details table fields in all Plans, Costs, and Forms record types
    • All Header and Details fields in Risk Analysis, Stage Gates, and Timesheets
  • You can now use the Notifications tab in Project records
  • There is now an option in the Specifications setup page to hide the UOM column for a specification tab
  • Header Specifications fields are now available to be shown in layouts in Manager Pages
  • Attachments field – A new field, Attachments, is available in Manager Page layouts. This field shows the total count of attachments for each record. Please note that individual users might not be able to view all of the attachments shown in the count, due to security restrictions.
  • Audit Trail improvements:
    • A new field—“Program/Location Prog.”—has been added to the audit trail
    • A new multi-select filter search parameter—“Program(s)—has been added to the Audit Trail page
    • All lines in Portfolio/Settings/General Settings have been made available to the audit trail


Version 8.0 brings major new and improved features to the award-winning PMWeb platform. Easy and sophisticated custom forms, Power BI, more advanced security, and dozens of improvements and fixes make this the best version yet. Contact PMWeb Support today to schedule your upgrade.