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Introducing PMWeb 7


Better than apps

Project management apps are great. Except for the part about installing them on every device you use in the course of a day. Or downloading and managing updates. Or, especially, when you realize that apps contain only a subset of the features you need to actually do your job. Of course, for years that has been one of the costs of working with construction apps: gain the portability of an app but lose the power of the desktop applications you need. PMWeb 7 eliminates that tradeoff.

For over a decade, the world’s most demanding construction professionals have relied on PMWeb to provide unrivaled power, flexibility, and ease of use, in a single, integrated, online platform. To add to that feature list, we now add this:

Complete portability. On every device.

PMWeb 7 is optimized to load and run faster on devices large and small, even when managing the huge volume of data that modern projects generate. That applies to every feature in every PMWeb module, not a watered-down subset of field tools. And our new responsive design engine automatically adjusts the entire application to fit the screen you’re viewing. Best of all, every feature of PMWeb is available without installing, maintaining, or worrying about a single app. All you need is a browser and a password to immediately get to work with PMWeb 7. Now you can take all of the best project management platform with you, wherever you go.

Industry Best Features, Brand New Interface

Responsive design

This is big. (And small.) PMWeb 7 automatically detects the device you are using and the orientation of the screen and adapts itself to make best use of the available space. Project management’s best feature set, all of your project data, instantly tailored to the device you’re holding. Introducing PMWeb 7, powered by our proprietary responsive design engine.

PMWeb 7

The standard page layout

Page layouts have been standardized to make everything more intuitive

  1. 1. Control Panel
  2. 2. Breadcrumbs Bar
  3. 3. Header Toolbar
  4. 4. Records Tabs
  5. 5. Three columns
  6. 6. Details Table

Clicking a module button opens the menu in overlay mode

Open that module’s menu in overlay mode by clicking a module button. Click a menu item to close the menu and navigate to the selected record type.

Control Panel can be a drawer or collapsed into a rail

Click the PMWeb logo to expand (the drawer) and collapse (the rail) the Control Panel. The three columns of data fields in the Main Tab automatically realign to make the best use of the available screen space (while maintaining consistent margins) and the details table resizes along with them.

Compare a wide desktop to a narrower one

PMWeb detects the screen size of your device and adjusts its layout to make best use of the space.

Columns stack when necessary

If the screen is too narrow to accommodate three columns of data fields, column three realigns (stacks) itself beneath column two.

The Details table moves to its own tab on mobile devices

On mobile devices – tablets and phones – the details table moves from the Main tab to its own “Details” tab and the Main tab is retitled as “Header”. This way, PMWeb loads much faster on devices which typically have less powerful processors and fewer system resources than larger notebooks or desktop computers.

PMWeb features a single column of data and a bottom bar on phones

On phones, there is a single column of data fields, the breadcrumbs bar moves to the bottom of the screen, and the control panel disappears.


Click the button on the bottom bar to open the control panel

On phones, clicking the button on the bottom bar opens the control panel, in overlay mode.

Click a module button to open the menu

Clicking one of the module buttons opens the module menu in full overlay mode.

All-new interface

Every page of every record type has been re-coded, refreshed, and refined, in PMWeb 7.

Responsive Layouts Screens automatically adapt to make best use of device space

Vertical line editing On narrow devices, tables are edited in easy to use vertical mode

Main tab The Main tab automatically separates to Header and Details for faster loading

Faster performance Pages have been recoded to load faster across the platform

Colors Now you can create your own interface color scheme

Login page Add a personalized image to the login page to welcome users

Page layouts Page layouts have been standardized to make everything more intuitive

Toolbar layouts Standardized toolbar layouts and a whole new icon set on every page

Control updates Every control in every page has been updated

 Control panel The menu has been replaced by a responsive, collapsible, control panel

 Overlay menus Menus open in easy to read, space saving, overlay mode

Reorganized menus Menu choices have been logically regrouped and sorted

Breadcrumbs bar Enhanced to include more information on every page

Help icon Always at your fingertips in the new breadcrumbs bar

Online help Online help has been completely updated and new topics added

Home button A control panel button makes getting home easy from anywhere

Search button A control panel button puts platform wide search front and center

Recent button (control panel) The last ten records you used, click any to reopen

Recent button (records) The last ten records of that type you used, click any to reopen

My settings Redesigned to make personalizing PMWeb faster and easier

Home page Controls tab Add a background image to make your PMWeb unique

Home page Project Center tab 100% redesigned, 100% better

Home page Map View tab Full screen interactive map with spreadsheet overlay

Drag and drop Drag and drop metaphor supported on every device and platform

Responsive dialogs Dialogs adapt to device form factors without sacrificing function

Document manager Simplified and streamlined for better management of digital content

Image gallery Image gallery redesigned and available everywhere

Copy project dialog Completely rebuilt for clarity

Post/unpost buttons Post buttons replaced with on/off switches

Linked assets, records, transmittals Tables replaced by lightweight, faster-loading fields

Layouts dialog streamlined Now even easier to create custom grid layouts

Security The define groups tab redesigned with an easier to use layout

PMWeb Admin The Admin module has been reorganized and updated

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