The PMWeb Asset Explorer provides an interactive tree view of all your assets.

Easily navigate to assets, create assets, delete assets, edit asset names, and move equipment and occupant assets. See the details of each asset broken down by location, building, floor, and spaces. This includes the budget, revenue, personnel, leasing details, projects, work orders, and more. With one click, you can generate work orders from within the asset explorer, and then view those work orders in a calendar format using the PMWeb Dispatch Board.

PMWeb 7 Asset Explorer


  • Real Estate Assets
    • Locations
    • Buildings
    • Floors
    • Spaces
  • Components
  • Equipment
  • Projects
  • Occupants
  • Leases


  • Navigate to assets
  • Create Assets
  • Delete Assets
  • Edit Asset Names
  • Move Assets
    • Equipment
    • Occupants
  • Generate Work Orders
  • One-click BI Reporting
PMWeb 7 Asset Explorer