PMWeb Leasing is a robust lease management solution that combines ease of use, always-on access, and direct integration with Planning, Project Management, and Workflow.

Track revenue and expense leases side by side

Unlimited predefined
and one-time charges

Generate lease documents
with a click

Reminders for key dates

Lease Management Suites
Lease Management Leases

PMWeb allows you to define and manage an unlimited number of leases, both cost and revenue, with ease and efficiency. Leases can be simple agreements or complex contracts with sophisticated charge calculations.

Lease abstract details can be tracked and monitored and lease data can be automatically merged into the lease forms you currently use.

One of the many unique features of PMWeb Leasing is that you can, if you wish, link together multiple assets as defined as “Suites”. Assets that can be linked to Suites include Locations, Buildings, Floors, Spaces, and Equipment. When you create Leases you can, if you wish, link them to both assets and Suites.


Suites allow you to not only track all your assets in detail but also combine them in the way that you normally lease them. Not only is this convenient – you can, for instance, simply drag & drop a Suite into a Lease – it also allows you to develop a leasing history of the Suite. Leasing history can include data such as occupancy rates, market versus actual lease income, income per area, and much more.

Suites are convenient and powerful

PMWeb gives you an unequaled set of tools to manage an unlimited number of leases. Those leases can be ones you pay for, ones you collect for, and ones you manage for a third party.

Linked Assets

An unlimited number of assets can be linked to each Suite using the Linked Assets feature on the Details tab. As you link or unlink assets, the sum of Actual Gross, Actual Usable, and Actual Rentable fields for all linked real estate assets, Location, Buildings, Floors, and Spaces, is updated.


If you select a Parent Lease in the header of a Lease, that creates a Parent – Sub‐Lease relationship between them. The Sub‐Lease section on the Details tab displays a read‐only list of all Sub‐Leases for the current Lease record. (In other words, the current Lease is the parent to all of the Leases in the Sub‐Lease spreadsheet.) Each Sub‐Lease line is a hyperlink to the other Lease.

Lease Analyzer

The Lease Analyzer extends all the charges as shown in the Charges over the lifetime of the lease and breaks them down by year, average value per month and annual value per area.

Lease Administrator

The Lease Administrator automates the process of posting Lease transactions, including all four charge types:

Basic Charge




One of the advantages of using the Lease Administrator to post charges is that they can be created, edited, and approved using PMWeb Workflow before actually posting any charges.

Lease Management Administrator

Tenant Invoices

Tenant Invoices can be added manually or automatically by using the Lease Administrator. Tenant Invoices appear in the Ledger Tab in the Lease and Payments can be applied to them. Tenant Invoices require you to select a Location and a Lease. They feature a Due Date field (making aging reports possible) and a Cost Period field (for financial‐type reports.)


Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Payments can be applied to Location Programs, Locations, Leases, and Tenant Invoices.