Using PMWeb Viewer you can collaborate graphically online with colleagues down the hall and partners around the globe. A fully integrated PMWeb feature – no plug-ins to install – Viewer is really 3 tools in one:

Redlining Online
with PMWeb Viewer

Create markups and notations in a collaborative environment. All markups are stored in layers so you can view or hide each user’s contributions with a click.

  • Draw directly on image files (even PDFs)
  • Add notes and custom stamps
  • Link to any other PMWeb record. 
PMWeb Poly-lining

Have graphical space and asset management with live links to PMWeb data.

  • Click a space hyperlink to view all of its occupants and equipment.
  • Transform static floor plans into interactive space management tools.
  • Drawings become invaluable aids in all phases of an asset’s life cycle: design, construction, and operation.
  • Drag and drop a PMWeb asset (like a room) onto an image to create an instant hyperlink.
  • Click in the pop-up to open the actual PMWeb record.
PMWeb Digital Takeoff

Add measurement layers to images and use them for project planning, leasing and more.

All documents that are supported by Microsoft and can be stored in the PMWeb Document Manager. Examples: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, dwf, pdf, jpg, swf, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, bmp, png.

Some of the file types that can use PMWeb’s optional 3D viewer are: 3DM, 3DS, ASM, CAM360, CATPART, CATPRODUCT, CGR, DAE, DLV3, DWF, DWFX, DWG, DWT, EXP, F3D, FBX, G, GBXML, IAM, IFC, IGE, IGES, IGS, IPT, JT, MODEL, NEU, NWC, NWD, OBJ, PRT, RCP, RVT, SAB, SAT, SESSION, SLDPRT, SMB, SMT, STE, STEP, STL, STLA, STLB, STP, WIRE, X_B, X_T, XAS, XPR, etc.