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Asset/Facility Management

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Asset/Facility Management

Create on-demand or recurring Work Orders, link them to Maintenance Contracts and drop them on the interactive Dispatch Board to schedule them. PMWeb Asset Management lets you to track unlimited Inventory Locations, link Inventory to any asset in the system and pull from stock to Work Orders. Use Equipment Records to log usage and a detailed Work Order history, be alerted to upcoming Scheduled Maintenance milestones and link to or nest other pieces of equipment as Components or Assemblies.

  •       Asset Explorer – interactive tree view of all of your assets
  •       Work Requests (from tenants or employees) that can be rolled over as work orders
  •       Lease management
  •       View the dispatch board across days, weeks and months
  •       Space management
  •       Preventive maintenance planning
  •       Interactive Google map views of assets and work orders
  •       Maintenance contracts
  •       Track equipment you own, install or maintain
  •       Unlimited inventory locations and sub-locations
  •       Track inventory by stock #, lot # and serial #.

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