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Document Management

Project Documents Are Data Too

Document Management

Moving project documents from paper to an electronic file system is a no-brainer. Stakeholders can share and interact with documents in real time. Using a file manager that requires a separate login from your portfolio management system, though, simply replaces the paper barrier with a new (albeit digital) one. Project documents are data, just like estimates, schedules, purchase orders, etc. PMWeb lets you manage all of your project data – including documents – from a single platform with one sign-on.

  • User-defined folder structure
  • Check in, Check Out
  • Versioning
  • Custom file attributes
  • Extensive folder security controls
  • Content search
  • Drag & drop
  • Route files using PMWeb Visual Workflow
  • Attach files to all PMWeb record types

Four of the World's Top 10 Universities use PMWeb, including Princeton (#1) and Harvard (#2). Learn why PMWeb is the #1 CapEx Planning & Project Portfolio Management Software.

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