The world’s top organizations are selecting PMWeb because of its comprehensive features, functionality, and ease of use. Since 2007, PMWeb has been used by tens of thousands of users to manage their Plan | Build | Operate lifecycles.

With resources spread across different locations and projects,
PMWeb helps manage them all with the Resource Management tool.

  • Labor and Equipment Resources – detailed records with metadata, pay rates, classification, skills, and additional metadata including unlimited custom fields
  • Pay Types & Classifications
  • Assign Resources to Projects
  • Assign Resources to Tasks in Project Schedule
  • Resource Utilization Report – basic
  • Org Chart – create a visual org chart of resources
  • Requirements Feature – (the Requirement feature is a separate record type and is the key feature of the Resource Management module):
    • Assign Resources to a Portfolio (System level)
    • Assign Resources to a Program level
    • Assign Resources to a Location Program
    • Assign Resources to Locations
    • Link Requirement to a Record Type
    • Link Requirement to a specific Record
    • Link Requirement to a Record detailed line item
    • Categorize, scope, prioritize, requirement
    • Use Default Resource rate or override
    • Plan Resource needs for each Requirement by Work Days and Hours (auto-calc)
    • Assign Resources to each Requirement with the ability to define Start/Finish, Hours per day, Total Hours (auto-calc), % Effort, Cost Code
    • Compare Planned vs Assigned
    • BI Reports to combine Requirement data and produce comprehensive Resource Dashboards with a summary view, utilizations, with drill-down to detail
    • Visual Drag and Drop Resource Planning, assigning, and multi-view onscreen analysis