Under the FIDIC red book contract, the taking over certificate is issued by the Engineer in accordance with Clause 10 (Employer’s Taking Over) to confirm that the works have been satisfactorily completed by the contractor except for minor defects and outstanding items of works. The taking over certificate should clearly specify those known defects and outstanding works and require such defects and outstanding works to be completed within a specified period of time. The defects liability period commences upon the issue of the taking over certificate.

Using Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb, the project owner will have the taking over certificate process as one of the many processes that will be managed using the PMIS. PMWeb form builder will be used to create the taking over certificate form which will include all needed fields such as contract details and the TOC conditions. In addition, it will include two tables, the first to capture outstanding works while the second for defective works.

PMWeb 7 Details Taking Over Certificate

The attachment tab will be used to upload pictures and documents that details the report outstanding and defective works as well as related contract documents. The pre-assigned workflow will ensure that the taking over certificate is reviewed and approved by the authorized project team members. Since the taking over certificate is considered as a formal project communication, an output form needs to be created for the TOC which all details captured in the TOC form as well as the workflow approval dates for each project team member involved in the review and approval process.

PMWeb 7 Taking Over Certificate (T.O.C.) - Conditional


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