Whether we like or not, many of the regulations enforced during the Covid-19 virus breakout in 2020 will become impact every type of business regardless of the industry it belongs to for years to come. The post COVID-19 imposed restrictions could include travel, attending large meetings, office size, social distancing among other restrictions. Some of those restrictions and requirements could impact individuals who are above the age of 60, also known as seniors, more than others.

Projects in general that always require building teams to manage the different phases and processes needed to deliver a project will be impacted the most. But unlike other types of projects, engineering and construction projects will be even further impacted. Engineering and construction projects usually require having team members representing different entities, who could be located at different parts of the globe, and who have proven successful track records in delivering engineering and construction projects. Some of those individuals will be older than 60 years of age or might become older than 60 years by the time the project is completed.

The wisdom of those senior project team members is always required when it comes to making many of the important decisions needed during the project duration. Those individuals usually play a critical role in reviewing the key project deliverables and communications to enable them to recommend the actions to be taken. Nevertheless, if those senior project team members lack real-time access to trustworthy data on every project, that provides the information needed to build the knowledge on the different project’s matters, then they will not have the insight to make better and faster-informed decisions.

PMWeb 7 Wisdom Knowledge Information Data

Using a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb, organizations can ensure having a single web-enabled platform to capture and manage the data from the different project management processes needed in delivering capital projects. In addition, a Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization application like MS Power BI, senior project team members can dice, slice, analyze and visualize the captured data to provide the insight for making better and faster-informed decisions.

The input forms, whether those are ready to use or created using the custom form builder, will ensure the quality of the everyday captured data. In addition, all supportive documents will be attached to the captured records as well as links will be added to related records and imported to MS Outlook emails. Finally, the pre-defined workflow will enforce accountability in accordance with the authority approval levels for the captured everyday data.

PMWeb 7 Project Management Information System (PMIS)

The data captured from those processes, also known as datasets, will provide the real-time information on the different project management processes. Using a business intelligence application like MS Power BI, the data captured in PMWeb will be extracted, transferred and loaded. Those data sets can be scheduled to automatically refresh to maintain almost real-time values.

PMWeb 7 Power BI Desktop for Senior Project Team Members

The reported project information can be specific to the dataset of a single project management process or can be information that relates to a specific combination of different data sets. Those different datasets are linked to each other through the common fields that exist in those datasets. For example, those could include cost account, project schedule task, contract number among others.

PMWeb 7 Assets Assets Attributes RFIs Summary log

This reported project’s information can then be consumed by the senior project team members to create the many tabular and graphical reports as well as dashboards that will give them the insight to make better and faster informed decisions. For most organizations, many of those reports are standardized to make them readily available to authorized project team members. MS Power BI as well as business intelligence applications allows the user to create new measures, model the data, identify trends, forecast future results, apply queries among others to provide the additional intelligence on the reported information. In addition, MS Power BI allows applying “R Script Visuals” and “Python Visuals” to further improve the analysis of the reported information.


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