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The PMWeb Training Program

No upcoming PMWeb Training Program is currently scheduled. Please check back later.


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February 2021 Online Training Program Agenda

If you are interested in learning new techniques and fine-tuning your PMWeb skills, consider joining us for our Live Online Training Program. Training courses take place on Feb 1st – Feb 5th between 9 am and 4 pm with a 1-hour break for lunch. Training courses will be taught using the latest version of our software, PMWeb 7.

Training courses are usually in-person. Due to social distancing requirements, training programs will be held online until it is safe to resume in-person training. To accommodate this change, training programs, normally priced $500/day, are available at half price!

What Will Be Covered

Day 1 – Intro to PMWeb  – Monday, February 1st, 2021
Whether you are new to PMWeb or an experienced user, this session will surely be insightful as we introduce the software. You will quickly learn why it’s the leading Construction Program Management solution of choice by the Fortune Global 500. We will do an overview of the program’s functionality and how each module works together to form a cohesive system.
• Overview of PMWeb modules and functionality
• How to create programs and projects, engineering forms, basics of cost management, scheduling, and document management

Day 2 – PMWeb Cost Management  – Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021
From budgets to payments, in this session, we will explore how PMWeb’s Cost Management module can help you manage and track costs throughout each of your projects’ lifecycles. You will see how all the transactions tie together with cost codes and how PMWeb can reduce or eliminate double entry of data through the system’s ability to flow data from one transaction to the next.
• Cost Codes
• Budgets/Budget Requests
• Commitments/Change Management
• Invoices
• Payments
• Cost Worksheets

Day 3 – PMWeb Admin & Workflow  – Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021
We will explore what it means to be a PMWeb Admin; what you can or cannot do, how to set up a layout and push it to users, fix and build workflows, etc. We will cover common issues and scenarios that a PMWeb Admin needs to know.
• My Settings
• Manager Page and Grid Layouts
• System Settings
• Security
• Workflow
 _     • Troubleshooting issues
 _     • Building and deploying new workflows in PMWeb

Day 4 – PMWeb Planning and Initiatives  – Thursday, February 4th, 2021
From creating initiatives to awarding bids, in this session, we will explore all the systems PMWeb’s Plans module provides to help you build, implement, and monitor plans for your projects, programs, and portfolios.
• Funding
• Portfolio Planning
_      • Initiatives
    • Portfolio Planning Worksheets
• Procurement and online bidding
• Set up of items, formulas, assemblies, and NDAs

Day 5 – PMWeb Toolbox/Tools  – Friday, February 5th, 2021
PMWeb Tools is integrated with each module to help track and manage projects at every stage of the process. In this session, we will explore creating integrations, custom forms, and timesheets, utilizing the document and resource management tools, and more. You will see how PMWeb Tools integrates with each module to create a complete package for managing the entire construction portfolio and project lifecycle.
• Custom Form Builder
• Timesheets
• Risk Analysis
• Vendor Prequalification
• Stage Gates
• Document Manager
• Integrations
• Resource Management

Price & Registration

$250 per course
Fifth training day is free with the purchase of four courses.


If I do not have PMWeb 7, how can I participate in the training?
All registrants will be set up on a test database with PMWeb 7, so you will have access to the same files being shown in the demonstrations.

How does the 5th course free work?
If you buy 4 courses, the 5th course will be free. These courses can be all for the same person or for 4 different people in your organization. If you register for 10 courses, two courses will be free. If you register for 15 courses, three courses will be free and so on. Four courses cost $1000. Five courses cost $1000. Six courses cost $1250.

Can I register for only specific days?
Yes, you can register for just the course you wish to attend. For example. if you just want to learn more about PMWeb Tools, you can register for just the PMWeb Tools training course on Feb. 5th.

What if I want to learn about a module in PMWeb that is not being covered in this training program?
PMWeb rotates the modules covered in our training programs, so throughout a year, each module will be covered in a training program at least once. You can sign up to be informed about future training programs by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. We will not sell your information. We work hard to provide our email subscribers with only relevant information. You can unsubscribe at any time.

You can also contact technical support for quick questions or, if your organization has signed up for access, you can watch tutorial videos through PMWeb University that cover every feature in PMWeb.

Are tickets refundable?
All sales are final. Tickets can not be refunded, but they are transferable. Please contact us at marketing@pmweb.com with any other refund questions.

Have other non-payment related questions?
Email us at marketing@pmweb.com