Maybe one of the positive observations of the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic is that it brought the whole world together when it comes to taking the necessary measures to stop the spread of this disease. The construction industry is one of those industries that is playing a proactive role in sharing knowledge on the best practices to enforce social distancing protocols, implementing hygiene measures on construction sites among other measures to stop the spread of this pandemic.  

One of the recent forms that I have found on the world wide web is the “HYGIENE AUDIT CHECKLIST COVID-19” developed by BIRD Construction ( The form has five sections, Site Access Procedures/Work, Construction Site, Tools and Equipment, Site-Specific Items, and Other Items. The Construction Site section includes three subsections, cleaning and disinfection – common areas, sanitary measures, and chemical toilets / sanitary blocks. Each section and subsection has a list of items that need to be inspected and confirmed if they were done (Yes), not done (No), or Not Applicable (N/A). For each item, there is a field to state the frequency for the item to be inspected per shift.

The “HYGIENE AUDIT CHECKLIST COVID-19” form must be completed daily at the end of each shift in order to ensure that the extraordinary prevention measures implemented are checked. The rigorous application of the measures included in the checklist aims to limit the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus and to take action quickly when identifying non-conformities.


Using a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb will enable project owners, project management consultants, supervision consultants, and contractors to create all the needed COVID-19 checklists including the HYGIENE AUDIT CHECKLIST COVID-19 form to ensure that each project and entity working on the construction site is complying with the required protocols. The PMWeb custom form builder allows adding all tables needed for the checklist items included in each section and subsection. A dropdown list field will be added for the status field which will have the predefined values of “Yes” if the inspection was done, “No” if the inspection was not done and “N/A” if the inspection item is not applicable. The table will also include a numeric field to state the frequency for the item to be inspected per shift.


In case the inspection for each section is to be done by different project team members, the PMWeb custom form builder allows assigning different edit, view, create and delete permissions by user role or user-specific name. This will ensure that only designated and authorized project team members complete the inspection checklist.


For the HYGIENE AUDIT CHECKLIST COVID-19 form, all supportive documents can be attached. Those documents can be either stored in the PMWeb document management repository or directly uploaded to the record if needed. In addition, links to other relevant project communications and imported MS Outlook emails which will be stored in PMWeb can be also made.

The HYGIENE AUDIT CHECKLIST COVID-19 form can be assigned a workflow to formalize the submit, review, and approval process as detailed in the responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) and health, safety, and environment (HSE) management plan. The workflow will detail the sequence of tasks to be performed by the different project team members as well as the actions that can be taken by each and to whom the communication should be returned if it is rejected.

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