Regardless of the project size, type, or whether it was an expansion or remodeling project, the collaboration will be always required between the project owner entity own team members or collaboration between the different entities who have a role in delivering the retail brand project. One has to admit that the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic on in-person meetings, social distancing, risk of quarantine when traveling among others, made digital-based collaboration a must and not a choice.

PMWeb activity board is an example of how to enable ad-hoc collaboration even in-person meetings are not an option. It allows project team members to create as many as needed activity boards for every type of ad-hoc meeting and invite project team members to report on the tasks assigned to them as well as share comments when needed. One of those popular use cases for Activity Boards is for capturing weekly progress planning. The project team members will list all tasks that need to be performed but not yet assigned to any of the team members, tasks that had been assigned and are in progress, tasks that are on hold due to issues that need to be resolved, and completed tasks.

PMWeb 7 Tools Activity Boards Boston Medical Center Project Team Daily Activity Board

Nevertheless, there are many other business processes that need to have a formal collaboration rather than the ad-hoc collaboration used in Activity Boards. As a minimum, every retail brand project whether it was an expansion project or remodeling project requires having the business processes for meeting minutes, submittals for shop drawings, material sample, certificates among others, work inspection requests (WIR), material inspection requests (MIR), non-conformance reports (NCR), request for information (RFI), safety incidents, punch list, handover checklist, lessons learned and daily reports.

Each one of those business processes needs to have a template for which all individuals representing the different entities and who have a role in managing the process will use. PMWeb comes ready with many ready-to-use templates. In addition to those associated with the financial management of a project, PMWeb comes ready with the templates for Request for Information, Safety Incidents, Submittals, Transmittals, Daily Reports, Meeting Minutes, and Safety Incidents. The PMWeb administrator can define the users who have access to those templates including the fields with each template. Each one of those templates has the option to attach all supportive documents as well as assigned a workflow to formalize the collaboration tasks.

PMWeb 7 Forms RFIS Questions Over Document 

In addition, PMWeb visual custom form builder will be used to create the other templates which are not readily available in PMWeb. These include Non-Conformance Reports (NCR), Work Inspection Requests (WIR), Material Inspection Requests (MIR), Handover Checklist, Lessons Learned, and others. Those forms can be designed in any desired format and would usually include checklists to ensure compliance as well as the use of past accumulated knowledge of carrying out similar tasks.

PMWeb 7 Schedules Forms Non Compliance Report (NCR)

For each business process that requires formal communication, an output form will be designed to allow printing and wet-sign the communication or save it in PDF file format so it can be digitally signed. The output form can be designed to include the list of documents that were attached to the transaction as well as a log of the workflow tasks assigned to the business process and their status. PMWeb comes ready with much of the output forms needed for the business processes that are available by default in PMWeb.

PMWeb 7 Meeting Minute Details 
Daily Report Dashboard

Of course, each entity can design its own formal communication templates in any desired form or format. Those can differ from one brand to another if needed. What is important to focus on is the captured data for each business process.

PMWeb 7 Forms

Logs or registers can be also designed to automatically generate those registers whenever a new transaction had been issued. Those reports can also be designed in any desired form or format to fulfill the reporting requirements of the entity managing the retail brand projects.

PMWeb 7 Submittal Items 

The data of those different format communications can be consolidated in a dashboard to provide an overall status of those transactions. The sample document management dashboard shown below is an example of a dashboard that provides an overall status of the project’s formal communication. Again, this dashboard can be designed in different forms and formats that each entity desires to have.

PMWeb 7 Document Managment Notifications


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