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Managing Human Resources

Managing Human Resources

Web-Based Project Management Solutions Revolutionize Enterprise Project Management: Managing Human Resources
Written by Bassam Samman, PMP, PSP, EVP, GPM

Human resources (HR) management covers all of the processes an organization undertakes to make the most effective use of the personnel involved with a project. This includes many different groups, including project stakeholders/ sponsors, customers, partners, individual contributors, the performing organization, and other team members. The processes involved with HR management deal with managing the project’s labor requirements, capturing the actual hours of those working on the project, and appraising their performance.

Building the Human Resources Pool

One of the key duties of an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) is to maintain a repository of all personnel that can be part of a project team. The repository should include details on the individuals’ skill sets, pay type, company, and other attributes. Web-based project management solutions like PMWeb offer an HR Directory where this data can be easily captured and stored. The document template shown below shows the extent of data that can be recorded for each individual. What’s more, employment documents like passport details and CV can be attached to each person’s record. The information included in the HR Directory is also used in the organization’s other databases such as the company directory, cost estimate, schedule, etc.

Allocating Personnel to a Project

The personnel needed for projects are often used on a temporary basis. Given this, the EPMO needs to coordinate with the Project Manager to find out exactly when he or she needs specific personnel to be on the job, who their supervisor will be, if they are full-time or part-time, and when they will be released from the project. This data is captured in PMWeb’s Resources Requirement document template, which is used during the entire project life cycle, since the project’s personnel requirements frequently change over its duration.

Capturing the Project Team’s Actual Hours

To compare the project team’s actual hours worked with the work hours that were initially planned, it’s crucial to accurately capture the actual hours the team worked over the project’s life cycle. This not only helps the EPMO assess the team’s efficiency in delivering the project, but also determine the actual cost of the manpower compared to the planned cost. This process requires the capture of the type of hours worked—full or part-time—and whether there was any overtime or weekend hours involved. The PMWeb Timesheet document template can be used to capture those hours. If an individual is working on more than one project at the same time, the timesheet should reflect this. It’s also recommended that actual hours be reported against each deliverable or task performed. Such granular data is needed for carrying out the proper productivity assessment.

Resources Appraisal

Similar to any other business unit, the project manager must carry out periodic appraisals of the project’s personnel. These appraisals not only provide helpful feedback to the team member regarding their performance, but also allow the EPMO to update the HR directory to reflect that person’s performance. The Team Member Appraisal document template shown below was created in PMWeb. It lists all of the team member’s job performance criteria and uses a point system between 1 and 5 to measure the person’s ability to fulfill those criteria.

One of the most valuable aspects of these appraisal forms is that they allow the EPMO to produce reports and dashboards to analyze the development of a project’s labor resources and compare how the team performed on one project versus another. Moreover, the dashboard layout and content can be customized in a variety of ways depending on the EPMO’s needs.

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