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About Us

About Us

8 out of 10 clients choose PMWeb’s PPM solution to manage their facilities, capital plans, and construction.

PMWeb has been developing effective and customer-focused solutions since the early 2000’s. The developers of PMWeb are industry experts who had the vision to create a solution that was feature-rich and easy to use. They wanted it to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of clients in the portfolio, program and project management space. PMWeb has been successful in achieving this goal across a wide spectrum of global clients, including private and public owners, construction managers, and contractors.

The current PMWeb platform began in 2007, and has progressively expanded into over 100 “out of the box” features. PMWeb is 100% web-based and built on the latest technologies, including MS SQL Server and the top-rated, award-winning MS SQL Reporting Services (Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Reporting engine).

The founders of PMWeb have continued developing new functionality to cater to the growing, global user base that currently stands in the tens of thousands. The following lists the key attributes that give PMWeb such a high success rate:

 A high level of “out of the box” functionality specifically developed to manage the entire lifecycle of capital works projects.

 Comprehensive roll-ups from project to program to portfolio level with powerful dashboard and reporting functionality.

 Powerful Visual Workflow and Gating tools that can be applied to any element in the project lifecycle.

 A state-of-the-art architecture that allows ready integration with virtually any existing system or software configuration – even bespoke legacy systems.

 Fully developed “out of the box” integrations with MS Excel, Word, Project and Oracle Primavera.

 A modular approach, allowing a client to acquire the specific functionality it requires on “day one” and then increase functionality over time.

 A high level of user customization capabilities, reducing the need for engaging third-parties to modify the operation of PMWeb as a client’s own processes and systems change over time.

The demands of modern project management continue to increase with the need for more robust cost controls, risk mitigation, document controls, business intelligence (BI) dashboards, reporting, and comprehensive features that address all business processes. PMWeb has proven that it can and will continue to deliver on these demands.