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HKA Tech

HKA Tech is the technology division of HKA, a global organization and PMWeb Global Partner with more than 1,000 professionals across 40+ offices in 17 countries – including 18 offices in the USA. HKA has over four decades of experience from construction and manufacturing to processes and technology. Consequently, HKA is a leading global consultancy, providing seamless access to advisory, consulting, and expert services. 

The HKA Tech division has been implementing portfolio, program and project controls software systems since 1996. In 2011, they chose PMWeb as the best solution to market and promote to their clients. This made them one of the first PMWeb Global Partners. HKA’s team of consultants dedicates themselves to selling, implementing, and supporting the PMWeb Solution. As a result, HKA Tech is the most experienced in making PMWeb successful for all clients.  They also partner with PMWeb on many marquis implementations to deliver results in configurations, integrations, BI Reporting/Dashboards, digital adoption, training, and rollouts. Therefore, Using this experience, they have developed a proven implementation methodology. It has been used to successfully configure, train, and roll-out PMWeb for over 200 clients both large and small worldwide.

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CMCS, Dubai

CMCS is the leading Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Information System (P3MIS) solution provider in the Middle East. Moreover, they provide a combination of deep industry knowledge, unmatched track record in delivering PMWeb and other Project Management Information Systems, internationally accredited project management training, and disciplined project and risk management practices.

Furthermore, as a PMWeb Global Partner, CMCS has many PMWeb clients representing key capital project owners in a variety of industries. These include the public and private sectors, project management consulting firms, engineering consultants, and contractors in the Middle East region. Service offerings also include setting the Project Management Office (PMO), developing project management procedures, and project management training.

ESCALA, Mexico

ESCALA is a pioneer and renowned market leader offering project management services for the real estate and property management industry in Mexico. They have a solid 30-year track record implementing internationally recognized best practices using our proprietary methodologies and exclusive platform in the market. Nationwide, they have served over 200 clients and worked on more than 800 projects throughout 18 million square meters. As a result, Escala has built a large network of long-term relationships with clients in the industrial, tourism, commercial, mixed-use, residential, and office real estate segments.

As a PMWeb Global Partner, they incorporate PMWeb into all projects in order to securely centralize information, improving communications and information sharing for better decision-making. 

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Project Execution Group Inc.

Project Execution Group (PEG) is a professional services company that employs a systematic approach to optimize organizations’ and projects’ processes to achieve more efficient and predictable results. PEG engages in process improvement to enable the organization to identify, analyze, and improve existing business processes to meet new goals and objectives such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs, and accelerating schedules. Furthermore, PEG approaches every project with a fresh, unbiased perspective, designed to accommodate the goals of your project and of your company. As a PMWeb Global Partner, PEG provides you with all the tools and resources to keep your project running efficiently and successfully, long after we’re gone.

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Primaned B.V.

Primaned is a boutique consulting firm. They specialize in project controls for construction & engineering, the petrochemical industry, the health & pharmaceutical industry, and governments. Project controls are the part of the project management process that captures, models, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes project data to generate insight into the project. This results in improved decision-making so that maximal value is created for the stakeholders. Primaned focuses on improving the maturity level on Project Controls within specific knowledge areas. Primaned offers a broad range of solutions within our domain of expertise, divided into four categories.

Our Project Controls consultants assist our clients to reach the next maturity level on project controls by implementing best practice processes and solutions. In the Primaned Academy, we offer a broad range of training to turn your project team into project controls professionals. Our Planning & Control staffing department employs over 50 highly-skilled planning engineers. These employees are hired on a project basis by our clients to boost their project scheduling practices.

As a firm, we only trust the best tools available in the market. Primaned has evaluated a broad range of tools and solutions and selected a few in our portfolio. For example, Primaned is the European Reseller and Implementation PMWeb Global Partner. We also sell, implement, and support other solutions for project controls tools. Good examples can be found in scheduling and risk management tools. For visualization and business intelligence dashboards we also have a wide range of tools available. Overall, we believe that our passion and our creativity can ensure our customers deliver project insight.

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Facility Workflow Solutions

Facility WorkFlow Solutions (FWFS) is the result of extensive experience in Facility and Project Management.  The experience consists of over 25 years leading the facility needs of a large, multi-campus healthcare provider. Additionally, this is combined with 20-years of experience providing Owner’s Representative, Program Management services.  As a result, this extensive and varied experience taught us the importance of organized, straightforward management processes that provide control and accountability for success. This experience led us to become a PMWeb Global Partner. Using our experience and the comprehensive software solution provided by PMWeb, our “lessons learned” can be applied in your facility and project management.

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Critical Business Analysis, Inc.

For over 30 years, Critical Business Analysis, Inc. has been committed to the advancement of project and program management expertise. Our real-world experience offers a wide range of professional services in a variety of industries. These include public agencies, utilities, petrochemicals, corporate engineering, construction management, and design. CBA, Inc. has distinguished itself as a leader in Project Management related software implementation and knowledge transfer. Additionally, CBA provides project team extension through staff augmentation of highly qualified project management professionals. We take pride in every service we provide, knowing that even small enhancements can achieve great results. Let CBA’s project management related professional services, project staffing, software, and training help you reach your project management goals.