Having a formal Performance Evaluation and Appraisal for contractors, provides project owners with valuable knowledge that is essential for future procurements. Performance Evaluations and Appraisals will be usually prepared following completion of the work associated with a contract.

Performance Evaluations should include an evaluation with respect to the quality of the work; whether the work is being completed in a timely fashion; whether the work is being completed in a financially responsible and efficient manner; whether the work is being completed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; whether the entity performing the work is interacting in a responsive, practical, and efficient manner with project owner staff; whether work is being performed with an appropriate focus on safety; and whether the entity performing the work is approaching the change order and claims adjustment process in a reasonable manner.

Using Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb allows creating the Contractor Performance Evaluation and Appraisal form in form and format that matters to the project owner. The appraisal form will usually have two parts. The first will be used to capture general information on the contractor being appraised such as contractor name, contractor’s project manager name, contract’s scope of work, planned and actual substantial completion, original and revised contract value and any other details that could be needed.

PMWeb 7 Asset Managment Forms Contractor Appraisal

The second part will be to capture the performance data. This will identify the performance categories that matter most for the project owner when it comes to evaluating and appraising the contractor’s performance during the project. Each performance category could have a different weight than other categories depending on the project owner priorities. For each category, the assessor will score the performance on a 5-point score where 1= Inadequate; 2= Deficient; 3= Standard; 4= Good; and 5= Superior. The appraisal table will also include a field to capture any comments made by the assessor.

PMWeb 7 Contractor Appraisal

Of course, the contractor’s performance appraisal can address different performance measures depending on what matters most for the project owner. The form below also created using PMWeb custom form builder with the option of visual design assesses each contractor’s performance against ten performance measures covering Time Management, Financial Management, Health and Safety, Management of Sub-contractors, Quality of Workmanship, Progress in Making Good Defects, Collaborative Approach, Contractor Performance, Contractor Design and Customer Satisfaction. Each performance measure is assessed on 6-point score for which “5” for Excellent, “4” for Good, “3” for Average, “2” for Below Average, “1” for Poor and “0” for Unacceptable.

PMWeb 7 Asset Managment Forms Contractor Performance Monitoring Form

The attachment tab will be used to upload, store and attach all supportive documents used in the contractor’s evaluation and appraisal. Some of those documents could be specific to one or many of the performance categories used for the assessment.

PMWeb 7 Attachment

The Contractor Performance Evaluation and Appraisal form workflow will ensure that the appraisal is reviewed and approved by the right project team members. Should there be a requirement for the appraisal to be done by different project team members, different tables will be created to group the relevant performance categories to allow assigning different team members for each group. In addition, the form could include fields for the final appraisal recommendations for which access can be restricted to specific individuals who are part of the workflow.

PMWeb 7 Workflow

The Contractor Performance Evaluation and Appraisal report will display the performance appraisal data captured in the form along other information that been designed in the report to provide better explanation of each performance category. The report will also calculate the overall appraisal score achieved by the contractor.

PMWeb 7 Contractor Evaluation and Appraisal From


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