CMCS is the leading Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Information System (P3MIS) solution provider in the Middle East. Over the past 30 years, CMCS has served 2,500+ clients in 40+ countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas attaining 55+ performance achievement awards. Just in the past ten years, CMCS has completed 3,650+ project assignments and delivered 5,500+ days of project management training courses attended by 14,000+ professionals. Moreover, they provide a combination of deep industry knowledge, unmatched track record in delivering PMWeb and other Project Management Information Systems, internationally accredited project management training, and disciplined project and risk management practices.

Furthermore, CMCS has many PMWeb clients representing key capital project owners in a variety of industries. These include the public and private sectors, project management consulting firms, engineering consultants, and contractors in the Middle East region. Service offerings also include setting the Project Management Office (PMO), developing project management procedures, and project management training.

CMCS PMIS solutions help in enforcing project governance by implementing the best practices of project management processes, transparency in capturing data, accountability by who is providing the data, traceability by locating the source of the reported data and documents, real-time tracking of actions, and single version of the true report of projects’ health and performance. The valuable and trusted BIG DATA generated by the PMIS solutions can bring massive benefits for the project stakeholders when applying Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis to identify variances and trends that will improve their insight to make better and faster actionable decisions.

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