The PMWeb Training Program

Online | April 2024

There next available training opportunity will be at the PMWeb User Conference, January 8th – 10th, 2024, with three concurrent training sessions to cover different experience levels.

This PMWeb Training Program is a fantastic opportunity to improve your skills and learn directly from experienced professionals. Our online courses provide hands-on training within PMWeb 7, following along with the instructor as they create projects and tasks. This allows you to get immersed in the program, making it easier to transfer to real world projects.

The PMWeb Training Program is for current PMWeb users only.


Day 1 – Intro to PMWebDay 2 -PMWeb Plans and InitativesDay 3 – PMWeb ProcurementDay 4 – PMWeb Cost ManagementDay 5 – PMWeb Admin & Workflow

Day 1 – Intro to PMWeb

This course runs from 9 am – 4 pm with approximately an hour lunch break.

We will conduct an overview of the PMWeb’s functionality and how each module works on its own and together as a cohesive system. Planning, Scheduling, Cost, Engineering Forms, Asset Explorer, Asset Management, and Visual Workflow will all be reviewed. We will:

  • Walk through the setup of Programs and Projects
  • Provide a brief outline on managing Budgets and creating Commitments that will draw from those budgets
  • Cover the concept of handling Change Orders
  • Go over Invoicing and Payments

If time allows, we can show you how that data looks in some reports during the Plan, Build and Operate lifecycle.

Day 2 – PMWeb Plans and Initiatives

This course runs from 9 am – 4 pm with approximately an hour lunch break.

We will work in the Non-Financial Project Management portion of PMWeb, everything that is not “Cost”, for effective project execution. See for example, how PMWeb takes industry standard forms and allows for interconnectivity to other forms, projects, schedules and other records in PMWeb allowing your team easy access to manage the entire project, when you combine the Cost Management Module. We will review the document repository system in PMWeb and then show the robust options of how to use the documents within the Document Manager. We will then highlight the commonly used Industry Forms such as RFIs, Submittals, Inspections (new record type in 7.1), Meeting Minutes, Action Items and if time allows, Punch Lists.

Day 3 – PMWeb Procurement

This course runs from 9 am – 4 pm with approximately an hour lunch break.

Details to be announced.

Day 4 – PMWeb Cost Management

This course runs from 9 am – 4 pm with approximately an hour lunch break.

From budgets to payments, we will explore how the PMWeb Cost Management module can help you manage and track costs throughout each of your projects’ lifecycles. You will see how:

  • All the transactions tie together with cost codes.
  • PMWeb can reduce or eliminate double entry of data through the system’s ability to flow data from one transaction to the next.
  • Change Management can continuously reflect against the budget and commitment records.
  • Cost Management ties back to your Schedule and Planning.
  • Commitments and Change Orders flow into Progress Invoices Schedule of Values for ease of vendor invoicing.

If time allows, we will also cover the process creating Payment Schedules on Commitments.

Day 5 – PMWeb Admin & Workflow

This course runs from 9 am – 4 pm with approximately an hour lunch break.

A course that caters to most Admins questions! This is visual learning experience with a hands-on safe environment that will allow the understanding and the managing of the settings, layouts, security, workflows and nomenclature changes plus some troubleshooting tips. We will explore what it means to be a PMWeb Admin: learning the nuances of what an Admin can accomplish, managing user accounts, deploying various layout types, designing Workflows, changing Workflows and troubleshooting tips here also. We will also review some common scenarios that a PMWeb Admin may face:

  • My Settings
  • Manager Page and Grid Layouts
  • System Settings
  • Security


            I registered but haven’t received any joining information yet. What do I do?

            All registrants will receiving an email prior to training regarding information on joining the training sessions. If you do not receive this email, please contact

            If I do not have PMWeb 7, how can I participate in the training?

            All registrants will be set up on a training database with PMWeb Version 8.0, so you will have access to the same files being shown in the demonstrations.

            How does the fifth course free work?

            If you are attending all five courses, the fifth course is free. These courses must all be attended by the same person. The discount does not apply for 5 courses divided among multiple people in your organization. To receive this discounted offer, select the full-week pass when purchasing tickets.

            Can I register for only specific days?

            Yes, you can register for just the courses you wish to attend. You select the courses you wish to attend on the Eventbrite checkout page.

            What if I want to learn about a module in PMWeb that is not being covered in this training program?

            PMWeb rotates the modules covered in our training programs, so each module will be covered in a training program at least once. You can subscribe to receive emails about future training programs by emailing We will not sell your information. We work hard to provide our email subscribers with only relevant information. You can unsubscribe at any time.

            You can also contact technical support for quick questions. If your organization has signed up for access, you can watch tutorial videos through PMWeb University that cover every feature in PMWeb.

            Will sessions be recorded and available to watch at a later date?

            The only way to participate in these training courses is to attend them live. The courses may be recorded for internal purposes only and will not be shared with attendees or anyone else outside of PMWeb. Course handouts will be distributed to attendees and also available online after the training courses end. Additionally, you will be provided with access to a training database on PMWeb 7 and your access to that database will extend an extra week after the training program ends.

                    What’s included?

                    Registration includes access to the registered courses, access to the PMWeb Version 8.0 training database, and course handouts.

                    Are tickets refundable?

                    All sales are final. Registration can not be refunded, but is transferable. Please contact us at with any other refund questions.

                    Have other questions?

                    Email us at