Top-down Planning Saves Time and Money

Faced with a list of project opportunities but no good way of prioritizing them or even figuring out which ones you can afford or make a profit on? Have a pool of funding but no plan for how to spend it? PMWeb’s revolutionary Plans module gives you the tools you need to create a plan, automatically generate the records you need to execute it, carefully monitor each project and, perhaps most importantly, learn from your experience because all of this is done within a single platform.

The Plans Module Features:

  • Plan across any range of years with annual cost/income breakdowns
  • Conceptual and detailed estimating with drag & drop
  • Generate Project, Funding, Budget, Estimate, Schedule and Commitment records with a click
  • Type in the plan spreadsheet and/or link to detailed initiatives
  • Risk analysis with graphing
  • Collaborate with PMWeb Visual Workflow
  • Unfunded initiatives can be automatically rolled over to the next plan
  • User-definable estimating Items, Formulas and Assemblies
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration
  • Online Procurement
PMWeb Plans - Fiscal Plan
PMWeb 7 Plans Setup Assemblies

CapEx Master Planning

PMWeb 7  Plans Portfolio Planning Worksheet
Top Down, Portfolio Planning

Easily create 5, 10, 15, 20+ year master plans. Line up planned initiatives with specific funding sources and drawdown from a common funding pool. PMWeb allows you to manage, monitor, evaluate, and report on funding across portfolios, programs, and projects with easy drill-down capabilities.

Tie Rapidly-Created Conceptual Estimates to Planned Initiatives.

Create initiative budgets by entering a few basic parameters, such as type of structure, square footage, and the number of floors.


  • Easily create detailed estimates with drag & drop technology
  • Cut/Paste to and from Excel and other spreadsheets
  • Integration to third party databases (RS Means)
  • BIM Integration
  • Regional cost history
  • Rapidly generate detailed estimates from high-level assemblies
  • Generate Projects, budgets, contracts at the touch of a button

Easy push-button generation of scope, budget, schedule, and funding from approved initiatives.

PMWeb 7 Plan estimating

Online Bidding & Procurement

PMWeb Online Bidding and Procurement make purchasing easy and efficient. Furthermore, because they are part of the all-in-one PMWeb application they are the first two links of a chain of records that eliminates duplicate data entry and provides an unbroken audit trail.

  • Online Bidding
  • Procurement
  • Automated Workflow
  • Sealed Bids
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Bid & Estimate Comparison Reporting
  • Bid RFIs
  • Visual Workflow for collaboration &
    approval of bid packages & awards
Generate bid documents contracts and PO’s

Use powerful and easy merge to Word and Excel features to create:

  • Proposals
  • Bid & Award documents
  • Contracts
Plan Procurement Pre Bid
Invite Bidders

Sometimes, the most difficult task in purchasing is determining which of your vendors are qualified to bid on a procurement record. PMWeb provides several powerful tools and techniques to make inviting bidders easier and more efficient.

Collect bids

The Online Bid record is where the bidder can do their data entry in a secure web environment.

If you are using the PMWeb Visual Workflow, as Online Bids are submitted, bid managers can be notified automatically by email.

Manage Bids

Use unlimited bid revisions to track design changes, alternates, and options.

Monitor and control the revision history of your bidding process. Create an unlimited number of bid revisions per Procurement and issue revisions bidder by bidder or in groups.

Analyze Bids

Tools in both the Procurement record and the Online Bids let you analyze each bid on its own merits as well as side by side with each of its competitors.

Award Bids

Awarded bids automatically issue as commitments in Cost Management, where you can generate contract documents, manage change orders, and collect and pay invoices. Best of all, PMWeb allows you to accomplish this without duplicate data entry and with a complete audit trail.

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