Detailed insights
for faster and more informed decisions

With PMWeb Reporting, you can build reports in less than 1 minute with drag & drop functionality. These reports can easily be saved, edited, and shared.

  • Collaborate

Set your projects up for success by standardizing when reports are shared and who in your organization views and tracks the data. Sharing streamlines communication, increases transparency, and helps your teams focus their efforts and resources more efficiently.

  • Custom Reports

Get answers quickly and easily through PMWeb Reporting. Use drag and drop to easily create comprehensive reports that consolidate your project information. Summarize your reports through visualizations that help communicate a more holistic story.

  • Real-Time Data

PMWeb reporting lets you see all of your information at once displayed how you want it. Intuitive visualizations make it easy for project managers and stakeholders to monitor, evaluate and report on project performance.

  • Dashboards

Focus on your most important analytics. Custom dashboard make it easy to monitor and evaluate any report at a glance. Interactive dashboards enable you and your organization to flag issues quickly, drill into your data, and take action.

  • Export and Share

Most reports can be exported to a PDF or XLS file to be shared with project executives, owners, or anyone looking for summaries. BI Reporting is also available within PMWeb.

PMWeb Reporting Power BI
PMWeb Reporting Power BI
PMWeb Reporting Power BI

Over 100 Out-of-the-Box Reports

Engineering Forms
  • Correspondences
  • Daily Report
  • Drawing Lists
  • Online Submittals
  • Punch Lists
  • RFIs
  • Safety Log
  • Submittal Items Log
  • Submittal Sets
Cost Management
  • Cash Flow Budget
  • Earned Value Log
  • Budgets
  • Change Events
  • Commitments
  • Contingency Report
  • Contracts Log
  • Funding Recap
  • Invoice Report
  • Forecasts
  • Online Change Request
Asset Management
  • A/R Payments Form
  • Lease Administrator – Escalations, Overages, and Recoveries
  • Lease Effective Rate by Year
  • Location Form
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Tenant Invoice
Project Portfolio
  • Audit Trail
  • Companies
  • Event Log
  • Item Purchase History
  • Items History
  • Program Form
  • Project Directory
  • Project Form
  • Over/Under Budget Projects
  • Over/Under Schedule Security
Time Tracking
  • Timesheet Invoice
  • Timesheet Invoice Multiple Project (Details)
  • Timesheet Invoice Multiple Project (Summary)