Keep projects moving with PMWeb Stage Gates

Stage Gates ties major Stages (or Phases) with their default or custom tasks to move projects along from one stage (phase) to another. Not just a schedule, but an interactive tool that ties the actual task from one area of the system into a combined collaborative effort.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio

PMWeb Stage Gates allows you to plan the various stages for each of your projects along with the tasks associated with each stage. An unlimited number of stages can be created. Each stage can be composed of an unlimited number of activities. Activities can be any project-related task and can be linked directly to other PMWeb records, including Schedule tasks. This means that stage deliverables can be created within PMWeb and the stage is updated in real-time as each deliverable develops.

PMWeb Stage Gates are easy to build and manage. Templates can be created at both the portfolio and program levels. Each stage can be completely reconfigured for each project if desired. Records are automatically routed through your enterprise using normal emails that tie directly back to the PMWeb system. Administrators see at a glance where every record and document currently reside, who is responsible for them and when the next actions are due.

PMWeb 7 Tools Stage Gates Managment