Reduce Duplicate Data Entry

Now you can allow employees and subcontractors to directly enter their time online, saving you clerical time and minimizing data entry errors. Supervisors can automatically be notified by email that time has been submitted and directly access the timesheets from the email with one click.

  • Online data entry
  • A built-in feature of PMWeb – no third party vendors or special apps to deal with
  • A timesheet can be Resource or Project specific, or a combination
  • Enter timesheets for Employees, Subcontractors and Equipment
  • Option to immediately post time as project costs
  • Receive email notification of timesheet transactions, if desired
  • Route timesheets for approval using Visual Workflow
  • One click to create a timesheet for the next period
  • Link timesheet lines to Cost Codes and Schedule Tasks
  • Link to contracts for billing based on actual costs
PMWeb 7 Tools Timesheets