Design and Deploy Custom Digital Application Forms

PMWeb Vendor Prequalification lets you design and deploy custom application forms over the Web and automatically collect incoming application data that flows directly into your PMWeb database. Applications are reviewed, due diligence checks are documented, and records are routed, all within the secure PMWeb environment. If an applicant is approved, a single click converts them to a PMWeb vendor. All of the application history remains linked to the vendor and you can even require periodic re-application using the same process.

The best part of pre-qualification with Vendor Prequalification is that it allows you to collect, verify, and record unlimited amounts of metadata about each potential vendor: the regions in which they can work, their bonding limits, DBE information, etc. With that information at your fingertips, selecting which vendors to invite to bid becomes much easier. Included with Vendor Prequalification is an unlimited number of External Users (Vendors) which you can provide with system access solely for the prequalification or requalification process.

Vendor Prequalification is seamlessly integrated with the other PMWeb modules and provides easy-to-use features for you to define and create vendor approval forms and to publish them on your PMWeb site to pre-qualify vendors. Vendor Prequalification enables you to manage the following tasks.

Design – Approval
  • Define the approval process and forms
  • Share the form over the web
  • Applicants do not require a PMWeb license
Collect Applications
  • Applicants can save and return
  • One click submits an Application
  • Workflow notifies managers
Review Applications
  • PMWeb Approval linked to Application
  • Manage due diligence
  • Score and rate applicants
  • Approve with one click
  • Add qualified vendors to companies
  • Requalify vendors
  • Add your review data to their information.
Vendor Prequalification Scoring Tab
Vendor Prequalification Ratings Tab

Using Other PMWeb Features with Approvals

Vendor Prequalification takes advantage of many PMWeb tools.

  • Workflows – You can use workflows to set up automatic notifications for the approval process.
  • Notifications – To route records internally about a vendor.
  • BI Reports – To print out lists of approvals for given projects, categories, etc…
  • Word Templates – To create templates for communicating with vendors.

As with all PMWeb modules, Vendor Approvals are directly integrated with everything else that you need to accomplish your daily work.