Colorado Department of Transportation Uses PMWeb

PMWeb is a web-based platform purpose-built for project delivery – enabling teams to collaborate transparently and in real time. 

  • Work in a consistent project location where all project data is available at once — not in one-off spreadsheets and documents
  • Collaborate and connect with team members on assignments — not with long email threads or in unnecessary meetings
  • Access consistent project information with real time reports and dashboards — not with disjointed spreadsheets and outdated source data

Why CDOT adopted PMWeb

Following a rigorous software assessment, a statewide, cross-functional team selected PMWeb as the best project management software platform for CDOT. Key reasons for this decision include:

  • Ease of use
  • Designed as a collaboration platform for project teams, with intuitive navigation that does not require extensive training.
  • Process-focusedwith visual workflow and staff task management that can be applied to any activity along the program/project lifecycle. 
  • Interactive reportsproviding region and portfolio level analysis with click-thru to records for taking action.
  • Significant “out of the box” functionalityshortening the implementation timeline.
  • System is modular, allowing CDOT to start with specific functionality and add as needed.


Of construction forecasted in CY2023


Project records created to date


Users registered in Production


CDOT selects PMWeb, then HKA as partner


R4 pilots initial precon records


Statewide transition to initial precon records


Additions: Forecast, Environmental, and others


Additions: Contract Management, ROW/Survey, ITS SEA


Development continues to expand and improve functionality.

CDOT Staff on PMWeb

Project Flow Diagram

“The Project Flow Diagram is great for new Project Managers and for those new to PMWeb. It was my #1 resource as I got started.”


“Get your Specialties buy-in on critical activities and planned completion dates in the Deliverables list early in the project lifecycle i.e. Pre-scoping or Scoping. It’s a good practice to build trust, communication and a strong foundation for project success.”

System Ideas

“PMWeb is always accepting new suggestions and ideas. Don’t be afraid to let them know if a tool is confusing or giving you problems.” 

Data Source Changes

A key benefit of PMWeb is centralizing project data. As we expand this central platform, PMWeb will become the new source for certain project records moving from SAP and other systems to PMWeb. These are highlighted below. 


Previous in SAP, milestones are now managed within project schedules in PMWeb.


Previous called “drawdowns” in SAP, forecasts are now generated within PMWeb Forecast records. This leverages standard functionality that combines construction contract values, respective expenditures, and construction begin/end dates from the schedule.

Environmental NEPA Determination – Project Certification (form 128)

Previously in PDF forms and some data capture in SAP, these are now records within PMWeb, incorporating workflow for approval.