PMWeb: The Drive to an Integrated Solution

2020 is now. Corporate owners and construction professionals need to adapt. In the future, decisions will become more data-driven. Therefore, owners will need an integrated solution, not different point solutions. The time is now to implement new technology to prepare for the evolution that is upon the construction industry. PMWeb,, Wakefield, Mass., offers an all-in-one integrated solution with cost management, visual workflows, and powerful BI (business intelligence) reporting and dashboards. The software solution encompasses the entire plan, build, and operate lifecycle needs in a web-based platform. The fully integrated system delivers planning, project management, scheduling, asset management, visual workflow, and a BI and analytics platform built on MS SQL Server with MS SQL Reporting Services. Other notable features include document manager, vendor Pre-Qualification, Custom Form Builder, Timesheets, Stage Gates, Risk Analysis, and Financial Integration. For PMWeb’s global clients, the multi-language and multi-currency capabilities are unrivaled in the market. PMWeb’s global client base includes leaders in industries like education, healthcare, transportation, government, hospitality, real estate, and technology. Integrated solutions are important today, and will be even more so in the future. Marc Jaude, president and founder of PMWeb, says companies should invest in a solution that they can grow into, rather than growing out of it. Companies can start small, implementing specific modules, and not have a big money investment. As they grow bigger, they can implement other modules. This enables corporate owners and construction companies to roll out the system based on their needs.

The time is now to implement new technology to prepare for the evolution that is upon the construction industry.

Today, big market trends continue that will drive the need for more technology adoption. The stats are clear: 94% of contractors report at least moderate difficulty finding skilled labor, and for the decade between 2016 and 2026, the industry can expect slow labor force growth and moderate economic growth. As the market continues to evolve, Jaude says automation will be key. In a digital world, decisions become more and more data-driven and objective. PMWeb is available on all platforms, including mobile. Automation and AI (artificial intelligence) have the potential to deliver additional global economic activity of about $13 trillion by 2030 and will likely increase labor productivity by up to 40%. The opportunities are vast for the construction industry. For corporate owners and construction companies, the time is now to implement new, integrated solutions that enable them to fully use the solution implemented for them. As the drive to leverage data continues to surge, finding the right technology partner and solution will be key to tap into all the information that is available today—and in the future.