It is a common practice that an integrated project schedule’s activities will be loaded with their required labor, equipment, and material resources. The steps for assigned material resources are detailed in the article titled “Primavera P6 and Material Resources” ( from which the Primavera P6 screen below was extracted. The material-resources-loaded schedule will enable having a plan of how the materials planned to be used to deliver the project’s scope of work will be consumed. This will enable having a reliable plan for managing the material procurement process to avoid any delays in executing the project schedule.

Pmweb 7 Activities

To keep track of the actual material consumed in delivering the project’s scope of work against to what was planned, the actual material consumption needs to be captured on daily basis. The captured actual material needs also to be reported against the integrated project schedule activity that it relates to. It should be noted that the actual material consumed could be more or less to what was originally planned or estimated.

Using a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb will be used to capture the actual resources, labor, equipment, and material, on daily basis using the daily report module. The PMWeb daily report module will be used by all project engineers and site superintendents to capture and report the details of all progress achieved and events that have occurred on the project site. For material resources, the project team needs to select the material that was consumed on that date along with the quantity consumed and against which project activity this material was consumed.

PMWeb 7 Forms Daily Reports

Using MS Power BI, the material resources loaded schedule data will be extracted from Primavera P6 so it can be used to provide details of the planned materials consumption during the project’s duration. The MS Power BI report provided by Eslam Gharib – PMP, RMP, SP, CCE, PSP, EVP (, was the basis for creating the planned and actual material usage report. The two data sources, Primavera P6 and PMWeb, have three identical fields that MS Power will use to link the two data sources. Those are the Project ID, Activity ID, and Resource name.

The planned material quantities per period will be extracted from Primavera P6 whereas the actual material consumption will be extracted from PMWeb. The report provides a quick solution to have real-time, single-version-of-the-truth monitoring, evaluating, and reporting material consumption. The report will have a filter by material resource name for which the values for budget units, actual to date, and balance to complete to be automatically calculated. In addition, the monthly values of planned and actual material consumption will be displayed in the tabular report as well as the histogram. The report has filters to limit selections to project locations and progress periods.

PMWeb 7 Planned and Actual Material Usage


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