Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership


In 2008, the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard formally endorsed a partnership agreement for sharing drinking water resources and costs. The Partnership project will upgrade, upsize, and expand six existing facilities. Brown and Caldwell-HDR Joint Venture was hired by LOTWP as Program Manager in charge of overseeing planning, design, and construction. This $250 million-dollar project increases system capacity to deliver high quality drinking water from the Clacka-mas River to the communities of Lake Oswego and Tigard. Together these two communities can secure long-term access to clean, safe water


The length and breadth of this project called for a system to track many business processes during all project stages from Planning, Design, Construction and Closeout. The program management team also wanted a system that would deliver robust dashboards that did not require programming or extensive consulting. A modern, web based, and comprehensive controls system was needed.


PMWeb was selected over other competitors because of its all-in-one design and in particular because the City could create its own Business Intelligence Dashboards. Other tools had dashboards, but they were not as powerful or as flexible PMWeb. PMWeb allows for unlimited drill-down and drill-through from Portfolio to Program to Project and down to individual transaction details.


PMWeb has been used on the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership Program during the multi-year planning and design phase of the program beginning in 2010. During the planning and design phases, PMWeb was used to track funding, budgets, contracts, change management and other collaborations between multiple project participants. Sophisticated and information rich Business Intelligence Dashboards were created to provide a single view of all aspects of the program and its projects. As the program began construction in late 2012, PMWeb was then and continues to be used used to manage all aspects of the construction project such as construction budget, contracts, invoices, change management, submittals, RFls, daily work journals, and other collaborations between the project team. All information from planning and design through construction are all in a single system providing a true all-in-one solution.