Project owners who are involved in capital programs delivery like building a university campus, medical city, housing program, conference center, entertainment city, airport, seaport, logistics compound, railway, subway, among others, always have the challenge on how to have a single version of the truth when it comes to monitoring, evaluating and reporting the delivery of those programs’ performance. The challenge mainly comes from the fact that each program will include several projects. Each could be at a different life cycle stage, designed by various engineering consultants, awarded to different contractors or subcontractors, other end-users, and managed by different team members. Because of all those variables, standardizing the project management processes that need to be performed across all those projects becomes a must requirement because the data provided by those processes will become the only trusted source for overcoming this challenge.

Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) like PMWeb allows the organization to have a 360-degree solution to manage their programs’ performance by capturing the details of all project management processes transactions performed at each project that is part of a program. PMWeb program module will be used to define the program, including details of the program manager, among others.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Programs Details

The program Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) will be used to group the projects that are part of the program by their type, new facilities, refurbishment of existing facilities, and demolishing or scrapping existing facilities. Planned, approved, and on-hold projects will be added to the program. There is no limit to the number of projects that can be linked to a specific program, and that is why it is essential to have all possible program-related projects identified and attached to the program.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Programs Projects

Each of those projects that have been already added to the PMWeb project module will have the complete details of the project such as description, stakeholders, estimated budget, planned start, and finish dates. Also, they will have the program that they are part of as well as the program WBS level that is relevant to the project.

PMWeb 7 Portfolio Lists Programs Details

The actual performance data for each project that is part of a program will become the basis for the real-time information displayed in the program performance scorecard. The scorecard will include critical project cost and schedule performance status as well as performance indicators for quality, safety, risk, and other important aspects of each project performance that is part of the program.

PMWeb 7 Corporate Overview

Of course, for additional performance details on each project, the scorecard viewer can click on the selected task to drill down for further project information that could be needed. The dashboard can be designed to either allow drilling down on the project location on the displayed map or the project name listed on the scorecard.

PMWeb 7 Project Summary

Similarly, should there be a need for additional details on the project performance, the user can click on the different parts of the performance report, which has been designed to have links to other reports created in PMWeb. Those reports could include the project cost worksheet, issues log, non-compliance report, request for information, meeting minutes, submittal log, transmittal log, project schedule, an extension of time requests, safety incidents, change orders, potential change orders, progress invoices, including payment status, work permits, insurance and bonds status, non-objection certificates and authorities permits, claim notices among many others.

PMWeb 7 Project Details Worksheet

The authorized PMWeb user can further drill down to the specific transaction for which its details are displayed in the report, such as the pending change order shown under the pending commitments field. The same could have been done to request information, non-compliance report, submittal item, progress invoice, and many other transactions for the different project management processes managed in PMWeb. Of course, if the form has links to the supportive documents that were uploaded ad stored in the PMWeb document management repository and were then attached to the transaction, those can be viewed when the user clicks on the document link.

PMWeb 7 Commitment


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