Regardless of the type of location of a capital construction project, the project owner will always have the authority approval levels set for each project which could vary depending on project size, category, or type. Those approvals are mainly related to cost, procurement, and commercial-related business processes that could have an impact on the project’s investment or CAPEX value. The Delegation of Authority (DoA) matrix is used to detail those approval levels along with their associated business processes. An example of business processes that will be usually covered in the DoA document includes cost estimate, budget, contract letter of award, change orders, interim payment certificates, and others.There are many threats that could occur when a manual process is used to manage and log the status of those business processes. For example, a transaction could be wrongly shared with non-authorized individuals, a transaction could be wrongly approved by an unauthorized individual, delays in reviewing and approving the process are difficult to be escalated as alerts, absence of an audit trail of when and by who the transaction was reviewed and/or approved, delayed reporting on the current status of required reviews and approvals among others

PMWeb 7 Delegations of Authority Matrix

Using a project management information system (PMIS) like PMWeb all business processes needed to manage the delivery of a capital construction project can be digitally transformed. Those will include the business processes of the cost estimate, budget, budget adjustments and transfers, qualified consultant and contractor, contract agreement, letter of award, change orders, claims, interim progress invoices, final account, and other business processes that require compliance with pre-defined delegation of authority (DoA) rules. The input forms for all these business processes will capture the data fields that the delegation of authority rules will be associated with. For example, this could be change order value, contract value, interim payment certificate value, cost estimate value along with other types of values.

PMWeb 7 Costs Change Managment Commitment COS Office Modifications

Those values will become the basis for defining the conditions that will be embedded in the workflow for each business process. For example, one of the rules that will be applied on the contract’s change order process is those change orders that have a value that exceeds $50,000 USD AND the change order description contains the text “Increase Scope”. Those rules can become quite complex depending on the delegation of authority (DoA) that the project owner wants to implement on their capital projects’ delivery.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Business Processes (BPM)

That delegation of authority (DoA) rules can also be applied to other types of business processes that are managed in PMWeb. For example, it can be used with the Transmittal business process where depending on the category of what is being transmitted, a predefined workflow will be selected to share the transmittal transaction with those who had been pre-authorized to be part of the review and approval process.  Another example would be used if the request for information (RFI) business process was used. The DoA rule will be associated with the discipline field which has predefined values as architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, conveying, and other types of building systems disciplines.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Business Processes

Those conditions will be used in PMWeb Workflow to create the branches to reflect the required delegation of authority (DoA) rule. The assigned workflow for each business process type will automatically forward the transaction to the role or user assigned to the next workflow task.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Business Processes (BPM)

The actual actions taken by each user will be captured on its related transaction of the business process at the workflow tab. For each workflow task, PMWeb will capture the reviewer details including the date and time on when the action was taken. The workflow log will also detail comments made and whether the input was requested from other individuals who are not part of the predefined workflow tasks.

PMWeb 7 Costs Invoices Progress Invoices Progress Invoices Workflow

Similar to other managed business processes in PMWeb, supportive documents that better explain what is being transmitted can be attached to each business process transaction. Those documents could be in any file format such as PDF, pictures, MS Excel, MS Word, Autodesk Drawing, and others.

PMWeb 7 Forms Inspections Progress Observation Level Attachments

It is highly recommended that all supportive documents, regardless of their type or source, get uploaded and stored on the PMWeb document management repository. PMWeb allows creating folders and subfolders to match the physical filing structure used to store hard copies of those documents. Access rights can be defined to each folder or subfolder to restrict access to authorized PMWeb users. In addition, users can subscribe to notifications when new documents or revisions of documents were uploaded or documents are being downloaded.

PMWeb 7 Document Manager Projects Capital Project Construction Phase BP02 Superstructure

To enable the formal communication of transactions of business processes that have contractual and implications, PMWeb allows designing the output form in the exact desired format along with entity color branding. The output form will include a list of attached documents as well as the workflow actions with the option to display a visual signature next to each as well as the option to add a digital signature next to each individual name who was part of the review and approval process.

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