One of the key requirements for health, safety and environment (HSE) plans is having the process for issuing Safety Violation Notices to Contractors and Subcontractors to warn them for not following safety norms during production, manufacturing, construction on the project site. The Safety Violation Notices can be also used to warn suppliers for not following certain certifications. Using a Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb, the Safety Violation Notice process can become one of the many HSE processes that can be automated. The Safety Violation Notice will be created using PMWeb custom form builder. The notification will provide a description of the violation and the disciplinary actions that can be taken if the employee will not correct the problem along with the name of other employees and workers who were involved in the safety violation. The form will also identify the disciplinary actions taken which could warning letter, suspension or termination of the employee

PMWeb 7 Scheduling Forms Safety Violation Notice

Similar to other PMWeb modules, the attachment tab will be used to capture pictures of the safety violation as well as details of the individuals who were involved in the safety violation. Since PMWeb is a zero foot print application, the Safety Violation Notice can be accessed from any smart mobile device like an iPad. This will enable taking pictures of the violation event on site and attach to the form.

PMWeb 7 Scheduling Forms Safety Violation Notice

A workflow will be assigned to the Safety Violation Notice form to ensure that it get reviewed and close as per the HSE management plan. In addition, PMWeb allows adding the emails of the project team members who need to be notified when a Safety Violation Notice is issued. Using the CC field in the workflow step, the emails to PMWeb users who need to be notified will be added. In addition, the Manual CC field allows adding the emails for non-PMWeb users to the notification process. PMWeb allows adding a PDF version to the email notification to enable viewing the Safety Violation Notice without the need to access to PMWeb.

PMWeb 7 workflow Setup Define Role Step

Similar to all other project management processes including HSE processes, a Safety Violation Notice register report will be created to list the details of the safety violation notices issued. In addition, the safety violation notices will be one of the performance measures that will be reported on the HSE performance dashboard.

PMWeb 7 HSE Performance Dashboard


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